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Our Academy was created out of the understanding that there is so much more to optimal wellness then just diet and lifestyle changes. We understand that the MIND has immense control over individual habits and “willpower.” This obstacle requires a better understanding of the subconscious and where this fits into coaching. We also believe that proper nutrition and health training must be centered around the GUT or microbiome. The Gut holds incredible power over all areas of wellness. As a holistic coach, knowledge of the Gut and it's connection to overall well-being is essential. Our mission is to empower wellness through the cultivation of successful coaches. By training our coaches and mentoring their business startup, HWCA grads can create successful businesses that will insure that more individuals are nurtured in the process. Through the monthly business masterminds and ongoing closed group support, each coach can continue to grow long after graduation.

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Coach Britt, Buddha Belly Life Podcast and Membership

Brittney Prendergast is a Board Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach who holds a 2 year traditional college degree as well as multiple wellness certifications. Growing up overweight with chronic panic attacks, even in childhood, she fought to heal what she thought was a hormonal imbalance. She later discovered that the key to her 26 years of suffering would be found in her GUT. (more info available in her book)

She believes in the power of individuals to create any life that they desire and she loves training coaches. "My coaches are incredible people with so much passion for what they do and that makes them easy to mentor and powerfully effective with their clients." ~Coach Britt

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