To Educate and Empower a Healthier world, mentally, emotionally and physically utilizing the Brain-Gut connection.

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Components Of Coaching: What most coaches are missing

HWCA’s Foundation

1. Functional Nutrition/Wellness Training in Gut-Brain-Body-Behavior: 

Now, more than ever, it is essential for coaches to have an excellent understanding of Functional Wellness (the correlation between the brain, body, emotions and sickness) and we now know that the Gut Microbiome is at the root of most disease states. The kicker is that as powerful as the Gut is, the Microbiome is also strongly affected by the brain, emotions, traumas and environment. At HWCA we have designed our training to emphasize the importance of this whole synergistic system by including thorough Gut-Brain science as well as psychology points and “Life Coach First” strategies.

2. Entrepreneurship Skills: 

We noticed early on that most coaches lack training and especially confidence in the business of the industry. As much as we would all love to give freely, we do need to learn discernment, boundaries and business skills in order to succeed, such as how to cultivate your niche, brand, leads, sales and coaching systems. At HWCA we continuously work with our coaches not only with the business skills but also the mental barriers that tend to hold most coaches back from starting, succeeding or evolving into their next level of practice.

3. A Wellness Outline or Client Coaching Protocol/System: 

So, you got a client. Now what? Our coaches have access to a trademarked, online client Gut Restoration program that helps set a holistic foundation for functional wellness. Through our mentor led interactives, both training and graduate coaches can enroll clients, practice walking them through the foundation with mentor and peer support (we all utilize and invest in our group together so it isn’t just you) and they even get paid in the process! Upon participating in one of our interactives, a coach will gain experience, testimonials, potential long-term clients and even a paycheck all in one, mentor led experience.

4. Support System for Ongoing Growth:

Don’t let go of us and we won’t let go of you. Whether you are a new graduate or an alumni coach from years back, you can access mentor support for your business and client obstacles through our evergreen group or upgrade to a Platinum Member coach and utilize the masterminds, continued education, mentorship and advanced practice trainings and application resources.



About HWCA

Our Academy was created out of the understanding that there is so much more to optimal wellness then just diet and lifestyle changes. We understand that the MIND has immense control over individual habits and “willpower.” This obstacle requires a better understanding of the subconscious and where this fits into coaching. We also believe that proper nutrition and health training must be centered around the GUT or microbiome. The Gut holds incredible power over all areas of wellness. As a holistic coach, knowledge of the Gut and it's connection to overall well-being is essential. Our mission is to empower wellness through the cultivation of successful coaches. By training our coaches and mentoring their business startup, HWCA grads can create successful businesses that will insure that more individuals are nurtured in the process. Through the monthly business masterminds and ongoing closed group support, each coach can continue to grow long after graduation.

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