About HWCA

Our Academy was created out of the understanding that there is so much more to optimal wellness then just diet and lifestyle changes. We understand that the MIND has immense control over individual habits and “willpower.” This obstacle requires a better understanding of the subconscious and where this fits into coaching.

Our other main focus is the GUT. We strongly believe that health starts or ceases within the Gut. With the current Autoimmunity Epidemic, the microbiome can no longer be discredited. Even a healthy diet and fitness may not always produce optimum wellness without building a strong Gut.

HWCA coaches learn not only these crucial elements of diet and lifestyle, they also receive business guidance education as well as ongoing food and coaching information through our exclusive student portal.

Students work directly with the professional educators. They will not be diverted to sales associates. Instead, they receive quality mentorship and have direct contact with  their teachers.

*All of HWCA’s courses are accredited by the AADP and full course students will have both Holistic Health and Life Coaching credentials along with the Mind/Gut Specialist course.

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Programs Overview

Coach Britt

(Founding Educator)

Brittney Prendergast is a Board Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach who holds a 2 year traditional college degree as well as multiple wellness certifications. Growing up overweight with chronic panic attacks, even in childhood, she fought to heal what she thought was a hormonal imbalance. She later discovered that the key to her 26 years of suffering would be found in her GUT. (more info available in her book)

Soon after her 21st birthday her father suffered a serious stroke at only 42. She recalls the hospital feeding him “Loads of diet soda and processed foods” as per his diabetic protocol. They traced his stroke to inflammation but instead of discussing what he ate and how he was living, they ordered an invasive biopsy of his brain. This procedure led them to no answers and after a few months her father left the hospital with a list of prescriptions including a steroid for his inflammation. Having already been familiar with inflammation and its connection to lifestyle, Brittney felt that there was so much more to be done for people. She believed that the body is a miraculous machine if nurtured and even capable of self healing. An avid self educator, Brittney took to the books. She was obsessed with learning, questioning and tracing information. She studied doctors work as well as individual testimonials and first hand experiences. She believes that every individual should be conscious in their own treatments as well as prevention.

After a decade of obsessive self research, Brittney was faced with the option to pursue her passion through conventional Nutrition education, or go about it in the form of Health Coaching. She chose the latter and has since wrote her book “Buddha Belly: A Mind Body Soul approach to health starting with the Gut.” She then started the Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy where she trains Health Coaches in Gut Health and Holistic Well-being.

“I feel that Health Coaches are an asset to the future. I look forward to the day when we can work with all medical and alternative providers to really help people heal. We know our scope of practice as well as our limitations and liabilities but we have the power to inspire others to nurture their bodies and if that just so happens to lead to less suffering and disease, than so be it.”

~Coach Britt

Coach Steph

I love empowering others to take charge of their passions and push out of their comfort zones. Together, we can make such a huge impact on the world teaching the importance of Gut health and Holistic Wellness.