Powerful insight into COVID-19 , Gut Health and What to do RIGHT NOW


Sobering Truths and Actionable Steps for Wellness Professionals and Coaches to Share about COVID-19 Dr.Mark Hyman has released an incredibly informative video on the COVID-19 virus. He shares some harsh truths and some truly valuable action steps that every human needs to know. Education is everything right now and the more responsibility we take with our personal health, the more...

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DIY Antiviral Powerhouse


Both Raw Honey and Garlic are powerful immune boosting, antiviral gold. Fermented together, they become an incredible tool for getting well when sickness creeps in as well as prevention from viruses and disease.  Don't miss Coach Britt's quick DIY video on this easy combo!

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DIY Probiotics


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About HWCA Health Coach Training and Gut Health Certifications


We help you tailor your education to your desired business vision and then we help you achieve it!

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Coronavirus and Gut Health


 Coronavirus tips utilizing Gut Health: 👉According to my colleagues in the UK, stores are selling out of antibacterial soaps and products and supply and demand has increased prices dramatically. 🤔 Instead of weighing in on my knowledge and opinions regarding this virus, I will share some important info: 1. Coronavirus is a Virus not a Bacteria. 2. Killing off your bacteria...

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