MIND BLOWING Perspective on Illness


"The body achieves what the mind believes" I have recently been compelled to dive deeper into the Mind-Body connection in search of answers for myself as well as many in my current environment. I was drawn to an incredible book by John E. Sarno called the Divided Mind. This enlightening book too me even deeper into what at my Academy we...

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How do you sell what you'd give for free?


The hardest words for most coaches and healers to use are "BUSINESS" and "MONEY." The reason for this? Because we are passion centered human beings. We have a genuine love of helping others and giving. So many people need help right? And you are happy to give. Before we restructure your mindset, lets firstly acknowledge how amazing that is that...

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Bring it! Why you must bring VALUE to your business


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The "Dark Stress"


When we first started digging into the science of stress while developing the Stress Strategy Life Coaching course, I expected to learn a lot. Little did I know what I'd learn about myself and my own life in the process... Did you know that the adrenals, thyroid and hormones are all severely affected by stress? Both for men and women...


Is Your Low Carb Diet Killing Your Microbiome?


Low carb, high protein or high fat diets are all the rage. They do an amazing job of cutting out refined sugars, flours and processed foods. This change alone can impact the average person's diet in an extremely positive way! The concern lies in how we go about following these low carbohydrate diets. Since microbiome diversity is dependent on an...

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