Most individuals who get into coaching with us have a personal story of struggle or something that has been a catalyst for their passion to help others. 👉We get A LOT of coaches who start training with us that suffer from thyroid disease. Research is showing that this autoimmune condition is strongly linked to the Gut! 😳

Women are especially sensitive to thyroid malfunction and often go undiagnosed for years. The hormonal and lifestyle implications of an unrealized thyroid condition can be disastrous and can quickly lead into other conditions if left untreated or neglected. Even a slight thyroid imbalance shown only through symptoms should be nurtured with a proper GUT centered diet. There has been an extreme connection to leaky gut, thyroid and gluten as well as some evidence of conventional dairy products. 

When our gut becomes overly permeable, particles enter an otherwise sterile blood stream and lead to chronic inflammation. In her book, Dr. Amy Meyers discusses specifically how modern gluten causes hyper-permeability and when gluten enters the blood stream, on a molecular level, mimics the thyroid cells. Once the body attacks gluten, it can mistake the thyroid for gluten also. Removing gluten, especially our modern, GMO gluten is one of the greatest steps toward nurturing thyroid function. 

This is why our Holistic Nutrition training is centered around GUT HEALTH. As time goes on we see that the gut is linked to the body's whole functionality and must be nurtured and appreciated in order to achieve and maintain optimal health.

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