Addiction and The Gut Microbiome


It’s easy to judge the person on the street, seemingly strung out, wasted from a likely combination of mental health and personal choices or the parent of the child throwing a massive tantrum in the middle of a crowded market but truth be told, the brain-gut-behavior circuit may be more complex than originally thought. Compulsive behaviors aren’t just traits...

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Why I Broke My Cleanse With A Cake Pop


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Seek Purpose or Provide?


The world tells you that life is about YOU and what YOU want while family members and communities will tell you that your main purpose in life is your home, your spouse, your children or family. Who do you believe? Which is it? Okay, so here is a couple scenarios. Scenario one:  You are at the end of your life...

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The SIBO Dilemma


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Bridging the gap between practitioner and client


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