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[About The Podcast]

Welcome to Buddha Belly Life. This isn’t just a podcast; it’s a space to really come ALIVE.

I’m Coach Britt, board certified Health and Life Coach and founder of the Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy “Gut Health School” where we train top health coaches in cutting edge Gut Health and Mindset strategies and education. I am a two-time author and my first book “Buddha Belly; A Mind, Body, Soul approach to health starting with the Gut” has recently undergone republication as of 2021 and is the foundation of the Buddha Belly personal Gut & Life Restoration programs now available for individuals.

The Podcast, if you haven’t listened yet, is the “Do Space.” The space where every wellness mind, new and advanced can go to LEARN, GROW and EMPOWER their greatest tools; Body and Mind. A place to seek YOUR ULTIMATE PURPOSE.

“From Mind to Microbiome” we are masterminding on a weekly basis with niche wellness professionals and credentialed educators at the forefront of science and hypothesis. From our dream creating, beach living entrepreneurs giving us all the deets about how they turned passion to purpose, to our Microbiome dissecting science nerds, we’re digging up all the tools to empower everyone out of a state of survival and into an EXCITING LIFE! One that you individually cultivate and that is fed and supported by this powerful community.

What is your big VISION for your life? Let’s all start the life/business/relationship journey while building the ULTIMATE VESSELS to LIVE and ENJOY it in. 

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