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Learn next level microbiome science while being trained in how to utilize modern Gut testing kits. Assess each clients microbiome in depth in order to provide a more personalized recommendation for greater success.

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How We Train Successful Coaches:

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The AGMT course elaborates on the foundation of Gut health by honing in on microbial science, overgrowth and diversity. Coaches will expand into research based and "food for thought analysis." Each student will receive training on interpreting gut analysis tests alongside nutrition and supplement support for restoration. Clients will benefit from the visual affirmation from seeing the results as well as greater success with a better individually tailored approach. 

NEW Advanced Gut and Microbiome Testing

  • Learn how to use and interpret gut kits
  • Restoration protocols
  • Mental cognition and dysbiosis
  • Understanding the signs of bacteria overgrowth in the gut
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Learn the importance of understanding gut bacteria influence on our health and other implications of gut bacteria overgrowth.

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