Holistic Gut Health Coach

At HWCA, we have a huge passion for empowering individuals. Teaching people how to properly nurture their bodies is a multifaceted approach, and nutrition is a major component. The state of a person's GUT will determine which dietary strategies are best suited for him or her. 

Because the gut is now being connected to so many areas of wellness, we believe that coaching with knowledge of the microbiome is essential in helping clients to reach their fullest potential.

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How We Train Successful Coaches:

Becoming a Coach

Our Gut Specialist/Coach training is what sets our health coaches apart! After completing this course, our coaches know how to EMPOWER a client through nutrition and mindset that will nurture the core of their well being.

With gut health being linked to mental illness, chronic disease, inflammation, autoimmune disease, hormones, and more, we are pioneering a NEW level of health coaches with ELITE skill sets in Gut Health and Stress Strategies.

All graduates of our Health Coach program will receive HWCA'S "Done For You" Gut program ($900 value)

This is a big mission and we are honored to be leading it.

Holistic Gut Health and Coaching (2 certs - 3 mos)

  • Learn About GMOs, Organics, & Top Dietary Theories
  • Mind-Gut Connection
  • In Depth Understanding of Gut Healing Nutrition & NEW Microbiome Testing & Analysis
  • Coach Training & Individual Business Startup Guidance
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Gain lifetime access to ongoing wellness education, and become a coach today.

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