Become a Life Coach & Stress Strategist

Students will learn about the science of stress and how it affects the body. They will learn the different types of stress as well as its multiple forms. They will gain the skill set for walking each client through his or her subconscious barriers.

Numerous coaches and professionals whom we work with have shared their experiences working with clients. Their successes, failures, and insights have allowed us to create a course/training unlike any other. The main focus of this course is to decipher, understand, and reprogram individual stress responses using unique tools and tactics.

This training will teach you our branded 4 Point strategy for helping clients create change and prevent the consequences of stress.

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How We Train Successful Coaches:

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Stress Strategy and Life Coaching Course

This course consists of learning the science of stress, its many forms and types, and how to recognize it in ourselves and our clients. This course also includes mild dietary and lifestyle guides to aid in overall wellness success. You will be trained in how to design a "4 Point" strategy for clients while walking them through their own stress prevention and mindset change. You will learn how to tie tools to your strategy sessions along with meditation guidance. These meditations will allow you to use them in your personal tool kit as well as guide clients depending on their individual needs. This is an excellent solo option for those wanting to pursue life coaching alone and also makes an incredible addition to our Holistic Health coach training and Gut Specialist certification. 

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Additional Features

This course also includes the option of educational tools such as Color Therapy, Herbal Tea Therapy, Aroma Therapy techniques, and Meditation. Students will receive a video course on how to help clients connect these tools to their subconscious for powerful behavior change.

Stress and Mindset Coaching

  • Includes Pre-Business Course
  • Learn the Intricate Science of Stress
  • Develop a 4-Point Strategy
  • Life Coaching with Clients
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Empower mindset change with our original 4 point strategy, and sign up today.

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