Certification Programs

Stress Strategy and Life Coaching

  • Learn the intricate science of stress
  • Develop a 4 point strategy
  • Meditation video lessons
  • Mind over body healing perspective
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Our Stress Strategy and Life Coaching course consists of learning the science of stress, its many forms and types and how to recognize these forms in ourselves and our clients. This course also includes mild dietary and lifestyle guides to aid in overall wellness success. You will be trained in how to design a "4 Point" strategy for clients while walking them through their own stress prevention and mindset change. Each course comes with a holistic tool kit as well as an 8 video training series in the 8 types of meditation. These meditations will allow you to use them in your personal tool kit as well as guide clients depending on their individual needs. This course is an excellent solo option for those wanting to pursue life coaching alone and also makes an incredible addition to any health coach training. This course is available in the Hybrid course option alongside our Elite Holistic Gut Health Coach certification.

Holistic Gut Health Coaching

  • Learn about GMOs and Organics and top dietary theories
  • Mind-Gut connection
  • In depth understanding of Gut healing nutrition and Gut related conditions
  • Coach training and individual business startup guidance
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Our Holistic Gut Health Coaching course stands out from most other coaching programs because while we cover bio-individuality and dietary theory, we strongly focus on Gut healing nutrition. We believe that the Gut is the center of all areas of wellness and because of this, we train our coaches in the mind-gut connection as well as. It is important for coaches to understand different gut related conditions in order to best assist them as a coach. The coaching portion of this course consists of coaching skills, personal empowerment mindset as well as individual mentorship through creating your own business and first product. This course is available as part of the Hybrid option also.

Hybrid Health & Life Coaching

  • Holistic Gut health
  • Health coaching and business skills
  • Elite life coaching and stress strategy skills
  • Dynamic versatility and service options
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This Hybrid course consists of both our Holistic Gut Health and Life Coaching courses resulting in a dynamic coach training unlike any other. This is our most popular coaching option as it trains each coach in the mindset skills necessary to facilitate change in diet and lifestyle. Our Hybrid coaches can market themselves in both arenas of Health and Life Coaching with a specialty in Gut Health.

Gut Health Solo Course (For Currently Certified Coaches)

  • Mind-Gut Connection
  • Online Modules
  • Digestive Disorders and Dietary Variations
  • Done For You Client Program
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This is an 8 week program made specifically for those who have already obtained health coaching credentials or fitness certifications prior to taking this course. This thorough course will give wellness professionals a serious niche in their business and allow for a higher success rate with clients! Gut health is an emerging area of science, but its effects on overall wellness are substantial. Anyone working within the holistic community or wellness profession should be knowledgeable in the area of gut health. Get to the forefront of holistic wellness, and please contact us for more information.

Free Intro to Coaching Course

  • Courses Overview
  • Get a taste of what each course has to offer
  • Find the next course that peaks your interest
  • Get a sample of what is involved with the full courses
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Our free mini course consists of five sample learning experiences meant to give potential students a feel for our community and more knowledge into each of our Elite areas of coach training.

Monthly Membership

  • Multiple monthly classes
  • Ongoing education for coaches
  • Personal wellness classes
  • Full access to past events and classes
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Monthly membership to all HWCA Elite classes, events and interviews as well as full access to previous classes. This is excellent ongoing education for coaches as well as wellness learning for individuals seeking to learn more about how to improve their own health. HWCA's full class schedule can be viewed through our app and members will receive open access to all open and elite classes. Learn about Holistic Living, Gut Health, Life and Stress strategy and more. Watch inspiring personal stories of healing as well as coaching info and business related classes!