Holistic Gut Specialist Coach Training


The Holistic Gut Specialist certification is the foundation program in all HWCA coaching tracks.

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*INCLUDED: Access to clinical grade, Gut specific supplements and Microbiome Testing as well as access to retail the trademarked Buddha Belly Gut Restoration client program. Monthly masterminds also included. 


Holistic Gut Specialist-The Future of Health Coaching Webinar

A dynamic coach training and certification focused on strengthening the brain-biome connection to achieve optimal wellness and wellbeing.  

HWCA coaches utilize a unique skillset, knowledge and approach to nutrition, life coaching and wellness. Through a combination of cutting edge nutrition, our exclusive “life coach first” approach to client coaching and practices focused on maximizing the power of the brain-gut connection, HWCA graduates are able to bridge the gap between functional practitioners and clients. 

Ultimate Health requires an alignment of Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual homeostasis. HWCA coaches are equipped to guide clients beyond diet and lifestyle modifications and into their own power and ultimate life potential.


Touch Points

Your brain sends signals to your gut and your gut sends signals to your brain. Both can strengthen or weaken one another and this synergy effects the overall wellness of the body and mind.

This core powerhouse affects disease, mental health, autoimmunity, hormonal alignment, habits and behaviors. 

We focus on what most coaches are missing. Niche education, Entrepreneurship skills, Unique coaching techniques and the APPLICATION  of it all. 

The Holistic Gut Specialist certification is open to both New and Experienced coaches. (Note, additional coaching education will be suggested for those who hold no current coaching certification. This is easily added through our Holistic Coaching education add on course) 

HWCA graduate coaches have access to a Done For You, Sellable system for walking clients through a six week restoration and coaching process. 

Complete your training in 3 mos. 

Start now and graduate with an Elite education, Niche certification, business plan and sellable service in only 3 months. Fill out the Coaches Analysis and get cusomized info and guidance specifically for you on how we can help you expand your business, start your coaching practice or design your own unique niche. 


Learning Tracks

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CURRENT COACHES (Holistic Gut Specialist & Biome Testing)

For current coaches looking for Ongoing Education, Protocol Training, Microbiome Testing skills and science, tools for business support and community, we recommend the Holistic Gut Specialist certification or Solo Protocol Training and Buddha Belly Coachs' membership. Silver members will benefit from ongoing education, content, masterminds and advanced microbiome science and testing. Advance your credentials, services and education. Fill out the Analysis to qualify for an exclusive scholarship.

Suggested Training

  • NEW Advanced Gut and Microbiome Testing
  • Coaches Vizion Business Design and Consulting
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NEW TO COACHING (Holistic Gut Specialist)

This option is perfect for the beginner coach as long as they have a degree of wellness knowledge such as label reading, common dietary theories and whole foods (fill out the application and we can help you evaluate). This includes the Holistic Gut Specialist certification, Holistic Coaching Strategies and Buddha Belly Protocol interactive training as well as the Vizion business machine training. This option can be obtained through HWCA direct enrollment or by joining Gold membership over a 12 month timeframe. For those who wish to complete the program in six months or less, we recommend applying directly with HWCA. 

Suggested Training

  • Holistic Coaching
  • Buddha Belly Coach Training
  • Coaches Vizion Business Design and Consulting
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The Business Certification track is ideal for the wellness facility (skincare, fitness, yoga) with more than one employee. The Facility Certification will grant the business a Holistic Gut SpecialistAND Buddha Belly Protocol Trained Facility Certification. This option comes with ongoing training access and updates, available for all employees, allowing staff to work with the Buddha Belly Protocol. The 13 week training will be available for employee access and facilites will gain assistance in running In-House (and online) Group Gut Restoration Programs. 

Suggested Training

  • NEW Advanced Gut and Microbiome Testing
  • Buddha Belly Gut Program
  • Coaches Vizion Business Design and Consulting

Add-On Courses

NEW Advanced Gut and Microbiome Testing Add-On Course

  • Learn how to use and interpret gut kits
  • Restoration protocols
  • Mental cognition and dysbiosis
  • Understanding the signs of bacteria overgrowth in the gut
  • Perfect for previously trained wellness professionals and coaches

In depth Gut science

Advanced Gut and Microbiome Testing course consists of next level gut science. Students with a basic understanding on the function of the microbiome will benefit from an advanced understanding of bacterial science as well as how to utilize case studies and research. This course trains coaches how to incorporate modern Gut testing kits with their client packages as well as analyze the results. Using the microbiome tests will give each coach the ability to further individualize their approach with each client in order to achieve even greater results for both client and coach. 

Coaches Vizion Business Design and Consulting Add-On Course

  • Multiple monthly classes
  • Ongoing education for coaches
  • Personal wellness classes
  • Full access to past events and classes

Monthly membership to all HWCA Elite classes, events and interviews as well as full access to previous classes. This is excellent ongoing education for coaches as well as wellness learning for individuals seeking to learn more about how to improve their own health. HWCA's full class schedule can be viewed through our app and members will receive open access to all open and elite classes. Learn about Holistic Living, Gut Health, Life and Stress strategy and more. Watch inspiring personal stories of healing as well as coaching info and business related classes!


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