Certification Programs (Discounts Available Through Our Mentors)

HWCA's New Course: AGMT Certification

  • Includes Pre-Business Course
  • Learn how gut bacteria can influence overall health
  • Learn the importance of being an open-minded coach
  • Understanding the signs of bacteria overgrowth in the gut
  • Learn how to use and interpret gut kits
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HWCA's New Course: AGMT Certification

Now included with both Gut Solo and full triple certification program.

Advanced Gut and Microbiome Testing course consists of next level gut science. Students with a basic understanding on the function of the microbiome will benefit from an advanced understanding of bacterial science as well as how to utilize case studies and research. This course trains coaches how to incorporate modern Gut testing kits with their client packages as well as analyze the results. Using the microbiome tests will give each coach the ability to further individualize their approach with each client in order to achieve even greater results for both client and coach. AGMT course is now included with both the Gut Specialist Solo course as well as the Full, triple certification program and includes a personal Gut test for each coach.

Solo Courses Available

Holistic Gut Health & Mindset Coaching (all 3 certs - 6 mos)

  • Includes Pre-Business Course
  • Health Coaching & Business Skills
  • Elite Life Coaching & Stress Strategy Skills
  • Dynamic Versatility & Service Options
  • Holistic Gut Health
  • Group Pricing Available *Ask for More Info*
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This Hybrid course consists of both our Holistic Gut Health and Life Coaching courses resulting in a dynamic coach training unlike any other. This is our most popular coaching option as it trains each coach in the mindset skills necessary to facilitate change in diet and lifestyle. Our Hybrid coaches can market themselves in both arenas of Health and Life Coaching with a specialty in Gut Health.

AGMT course now included!

Stress and Mindset Coaching (1 cert - 3 mos)

  • Includes Pre-Business Course
  • Learn the Intricate Science of Stress
  • Develop a 4-Point Strategy
  • Life Coaching with Clients
  • Mind Over Body Healing Perspective
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Numerous coaches and professionals whom we work with have shared their experiences working with clients. Their successes, failures, and insights have allowed us to create a course/training unlike any other. The main focus of this course is to decipher, understand, and reprogram individual stress responses using unique tools and tactics.

This training will teach you our branded 4 Point strategy for helping clients create change and prevent the consequences of stress.

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