HWCA was created out of the understanding that nutrition education alone will not produce a successful coach just as nutrition alone will not produce truly healthy clients. Elite coaches are trained to succeed so that their clints can. Our Holistic Gut Practitioner certification program combines the best of cutting edge gut health nutrition with an emphasis on brain-gut synergy, powerful coaching strategies and essential business mentoring to produce truly successful coaches who coach on an ELITE level. 

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The Holistic Gut Practitioner certification encompasses a thorough approach to achieving ultimate wellness by focusing on cutting edge, holistic strategies for restoring the Gut Microbiome and recalibrating the Brain-Biome connection using therapeutic dietary protocol, stress strategies, mindset work and movement. HGP certified coaches poses skills that set them apart from the rest and HWCA's training is designed to assist the coach in the application of their knowledge and development of their business vision

We'll Show You How To Succeed 

A good coach knows how to guide a client through diet and lifestyle changes but an ELITE coach knows how to help that client retrain their thinking and reprogram their mindset for lifelong success! 

Imagine being able to EMPOWER people while learning and teaching the latest in Gut Health Nutrition, Brain Maximization and Mind over Body wellness. Create your own unique coaching business and get paid to do what you love. Graduate with your business plan started, ready to take clients! We'll show you how.


Holistic Gut Health

Our Holistic Gut Health Nutrition and Lifestyle training gives our coaches a unique niche in the coaching world by not only teaching how to cultivate a balanced microbiome but also how to utilize the power of the mind when self-healing the body. Our coaches learn how to strengthen the Brain-Gut connection, maximizing the greatest potential for success in both nutrition and mental health. We accept both new and experienced coaches into our programs.

NEW: Advanced Gut & Microbiome Testing Training (add-on option)

Programs Overview

Student Success Stories

I had gotten previously certified at another school, excited to start my dream. I unfortunately graduated with high hopes and little knowledge of how to actually design and grow a business. HWCA not only gave me exceptional Gut Health training, they also mentored me through designing my own brand, creating a business system and they help me continually grow with the monthly masterminds. They gave me exactly what I was missing!

Sara-Certified Gut Specialist

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We love chatting with potential students and love to share the success of certified graduates! Fill our our personal Coaches Analysis, request a call and let's discuss how we can help you turn your individual passions into your future profession! Complete your training at your own pace, from anywhere you have internet access with our easy to use and mobile friendly platform. 


All graduates will qualify for AADP board certification

AADP Accreditation Badge

Buddha Belly Life is a Membership community for certified coaches full of content, ongoing education and resources where coaches go to grow their knowledge, community and businesses together. Buddha Belly Life is designed to support the coach by providing Done For You Content, Masterminds, Classes and Podcasts that coaches can utilize in their practice and a client Gut Restoration program. All members qualify for a tuition discount scholarship into our Holistic Gut Practitioner certification. Try a month FREE and join our next LIVE MASTERMIND and receive an excellent discount on your HWCA certification!


Why Choose HWCA?

At HWCA we don't just teach, we TRAIN Elite Coaches which is why we are one of the fastest growing Health and Life Coaching schools around! We have developed a unique Health and Life Coach training that allows our graduates to work within both realms of coaching. 

Unlike other programs, we focus thoroughly on Gut health Nutrition within an array of dietary theories as well as strengthening the Brain-Gut connection. Coaches can add additional trainings such as our branded Stress Strategy which allows them to use a unique four-point therapy to help clients unblock the mental and emotional barriers standing in the way of their success. Our training is customizable allowing the student to choose the best course or combo for their vision. We offer ONE POWERFUL certification program as well as multiple training options for additional education and specialty skills. We provide ongoing classes, events, and masterminds long after graduation. We say "You are a student and then a colleague." Open greater possibilities as an Elite Coach!

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