The HWCA Difference

The HWCA program stands alone in the wellness training landscape, grounding its comprehensive curriculum in pioneering Gut-Brain science and a “Life Coach First” philosophy. Our trainees gain unparalleled insights through our unique Holistic Gut Restoration protocol and process. We further support your career growth with robust entrepreneurship training and a nurturing mentorship community, accessible at varying levels to meet your needs. Plus, HWCA coaches enjoy exclusive access to top clinical-grade gut supplements and DNA stool testing resources. Join us and equip yourself with a distinct edge in the health and wellness industry.

Components of Holistic Wellness Coaching

Functional Nutrition/Wellness Education in Cutting-edge Gut-Brain-Body-Behavior

At HWCA we designed our training to emphasize the importance of this whole synergistic system by including thorough Gut-Brain science as well as psychology points, holistic practices and “Life Coach First” strategies.

A Wellness Outline or Client Coaching Protocol/System

Training and coach access to our trademarked Holistic Gut Restoration protocol and process.

Support System for Ongoing Growth

Mentor support for your business and client obstacles through our Evergreen group or upgrade to a Platinum Member for masterminds, continued education, mentorship and advanced training resources.

Access to Clinical Grade Gut Supplements and Microbiome Testing

As an HWCA qualified coach you gain access to DNA stool testing and top clinical-grade gut supplements.

Entrepreneurship Skills

Business and brand design training exclusively for health coaches starting and advancing their practice.

Are you ready to join HWCA?

Are you ready to join the elite ranks of holistic gut health coaches in over 25 countries and make a significant impact in wellness? Apply to our program and begin your journey towards becoming an HWCA certified coach. Change lives, starting with yours.

Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy’s Mission

To Educate and Empower a healthier world, mentally, emotionally and physically by utilizing the Gut-Brain connection.

What HWCA Does

Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy specializes in Functional Nutrition and Wellness Education, focusing on the Gut-Brain-Body connection. Our training integrates Gut-Brain science, psychology, holistic practices, and “Life Coach First” strategies.

Holistic Wellness Approach

HWCA offers a unique Wellness Outline and Client Coaching System, providing access to our tried Holistic Gut Restoration process. We also offer tailored Entrepreneurship Skills training for health coaches.

Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy’s Core Values

At Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy, we are driven by the values of holistic well-being, lifelong learning, community support, and clinical excellence. We empower coaches with comprehensive education, foster an entrepreneurial spirit, provide unwavering support, and prioritize clinical excellence in all that we do.

HWCA Coaching


"HWCA has empowered me with the education and skills I needed to coach & guide others to thrive in all aspects of their lives! They continue to provide education on the most up to date info on microbiome science and it’s impact on the body. They also serve as an amazing resource and support to me and my clients.

Thank you, HWCA!"

Carrie Chojnowski

CHC (Thrive 4 Life Holistic Health)


"I’m new and just starting your course. But so far, I love it! I find everything so fascinating. You should see my notes! I’ve informed my clients that I’m in the process of getting my certification, and they are really impressed. Besides being more knowledgeable, I’m excited to see how receiving my certificate will take my business to the next level!"

Bri Crum



"I can't say enough positive things about HWCA! I wish I had this education when I was discovering what was going on with my body. I'm so happy I get to have this knowledge for myself, clients and my son. I love that it incorporates full body wellness; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!"

Kristen Harvey

Collective Kneads Massage

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Buddha Belly

Exclusive access to the trademarked Buddha Belly Holistic Gut Restoration Client Program to assist in your practice as a coach.