The History of HWCA

HWCA was founded with the intent of empowering health coaches with cutting-edge knowledge in gut health and the gut-brain connection, understanding that this synergistic relationship impacts nearly every aspect of health and disease. After a year or so, we realized that many other programs were losing skilled coaches to the application and execution part of the industry.

So we really dialed in our offerings to include a usable client program, business design training and a multitude of resources to support branding, coaching skills and entrepreneurship. Our graduates match our mission to “Empower the world in wellness” operating individual practices and partnering with practitioners.

The Future of Gut Health and Holistic Health Coaching

I’m Coach Britt

Lead Coach at HWCA

This program was designed by coaches and professionals with a story. We understand the pitfalls of a client’s wellness journey as well as the skills that we have used to succeed in practice and we used that insight for the creation of a program that compares to no other out there. A program by successful coaches with components that support the success of all coaches and clients.

Join HWCA Coaching Team

Join us on a transformative journey at the Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy. Experience the power of holistic gut health personally while making a profound impact on peoples’ lives. Apply now and embark on a path to purpose, fulfillment and professional success. Let us guide you through this extraordinary adventure! Dive into the process with our founding mentor Coach Brit. We are dedicated to providing you with unparalleled training and unwavering support. Connect with us at or call (208) 659-3280 and book a consultation today to see if HWCA is right for you! Stay connected with us on social media as we share cutting edge gut health education and the inspiring stories of our HWCA-certified coaches thriving in their fulfilling careers. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Let’s embark on the next level of coaching success together!