Bring it! Why you must bring VALUE to your business

A black and white photo of a man's fist.

How do you bring VALUE to your client or potentials? Business is strategic. Its serious and technical. Because of these factors we often get lost in one of two places, serious technicalities, numbers and strategies or we ride the inconsistent waves of emotion and motivation. The latter causes us to put efforts into our business when we FEEL like it. When we feel motivated, inspired or maybe even desperate. This produces inconsistency.

The structured approach will inevitably produce more consistent results but if you don’t understand the importance of value, you won’t reap the truest personal rewards and you won’t maximize your business.

Value is what you give while asking nothing in return. Its information or advice meant to benefit someone’s life or situation. If we constantly see our audience as a sales quota, they will start to feel it and eventually get burnt out by you. Eyes are on you because of something that you do or something that you have to share.

Giving to others will not only balance out your mindset and fulfillment but it will also create appreciation and trust amongst your audience.

I’m sure that of all of you reading this, many are involved in some kind of marketing business. Of all of the MLM reps whom I have had the pleasure of training as certified coaches, the most successful ones don’t push their products. They bring VALUE! They share health and wellness tips or empower the mindset in their following. Many seek out to get certified so that they have a better working knowledge by which to bring value to their audience.

Regardless of what your business is, ask yourself how you can bring value. Do note that there can be a fine line between bringing value and giving too much info. Make sure that the level that you give leaves adequate room for you to still sell your product, service or meet your business needs. Don’t become a martyr! Find your balance but remember WHY you do what you do. Imagine your audience as family. Would you just preach to them or push products and services? Hopefully not! Hopefully you’d desire to really help them, uplift and encourage and give them tools.

Treat your business the same way you would treat good friends and family and you will build a solid community as well as a solid foundation for your business.