Journey to Maintenance with Gut Health - HWCA Coaching

We all talk about “Dieting” and “Not dieting” but who’s talking about maintenance? Seriously, when is the last time you’ve heard someone, who isn’t a physique competitor talk about being in “maintenance?”


Because to “maintain” would be to be content with and caretake where we are RIGHT NOW and, in this moment, right?

Most individuals live in a mental deficit due to struggles with perfectionism, unrealistic or unhealthy expectations and dissatisfaction. Obviously, there will be times in our life and health where we want to improve our health and probability for sickness and disease and at these times, a healthy goal, support system and habit implementation is powerful and can be transformative. But the problem lies in an ever-moving target and poor self-acceptance and this exact problem can not only stand in the way of our joy it can also make healthy transformations too overwhelming and often unattained. So, what are we proposing here?


As health coaches, we could do ourselves and our clients a giant favor by embracing this concept.

What is it?

  • -Identify problematic symptoms and health issues that a client wishes to improve
  • – Identify the clients perceived physical goals (often this is unreasonable, based on insecurities or past experiences). Help them set healthy physical goals that aren’t deeply rooted in weight and perfectionism.
  • – Identify a lifestyle. What would it feel like to achieve these things and just maintain? They will likely experience peace at the idea of not spending more time in dissatisfaction.
  • Draw out some technical details of maintenance. They may feel motivated at the idea of being in such a space and also enjoying that daily treat and weekly restaurant meal?

What it isn’t.

  • It isn’t a quick fix or a rush to the finish line. This strategy will backfire and make real maintenance difficult.
  • It isn’t a cookie cutter standard. Everyone is SO different. A great coach helps a client embrace their OWN BEST SELF.
  • It isn’t dependent on any outside validation. If you decide where you feel good, live great and feel joy, that’s all that matters.

So, instead of pushing these crazy superficial ideals like “Hot girl summer” let’s try a new approach to the goal of having a healthy lifestyle. It may motivate your clients greater and possibly even you as a coach?

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