HWCA Owner Brittney sitting at a Table

At this point in my coaching, educating and business life, I have learned that there are 2 main defaults that most individuals go to when it comes to their business ambitions.

The first type of person lacks ambition to actually start the things that they dream of. These people fall into a category of perfectionism and perfectionism is the quickest way to fail. Time and time again those of us who seek perfection in something or ultimate assurance end up using that crutch as an excuse to halt actual execution. In the long run, like Tony Robbins says, perfectionism is a sure way to fail.

The second type of person is the over-ambitious coach/entrepreneur. They likely have had multiple businesses and may currently have their hand in several different ventures! They do say that the average millionaire has 7 different businesses! The problem is that the Type 2 person likely hasn’t mapped their strategy the same way as the millionaire. You see it is so common for this type of personality to create things whenever they don’t see one venture or direction come into fruition fast enough. So if one isn’t doing enough, lets add something else right! Wrong.

This impedes focus. Those millionaires with the 7 businesses most likely built each one individually, to a point of success before starting on or investing in another. They FOCUSED on one thing at a time!

Do you ever feel like every avenue in your life is only getting 80% at best and nothing is getting 100% of your ability?

I DO ALL THE TIME! And when this happens, I sit down and evaluate. The best remedy for this is to SIMPLIFY and FOCUS. Half of the time my list of “to-do’s” or creations are long and honestly, that’s also when my business momentum suffers.

As a coach/entrepreneur you must find your FOCUS. What is the main thing you offer? Who is your target client base? How will you go about executing this thoroughly? VERY THOROUGHLY! What does your map for this FOCUS look like? You can keep that long list for the future! For now however, put it aside and build your base business. Start seeing income flow and success before you waste your ambition elaborating.

This was the single biggest game changer in my coaching/training business and that is why I am so excited that HWCA will be focusing on Simplified, Focused Business execution in 2019. The reality is that the only thing separating you from the massive numbers of successful business creators and entrepreneurs is the strategies and willingness to consistently build and evolve in them. Don’t get caught up deflecting with extra details and multiple products and services before the initial product is thoroughly successful!

Join our community of coaches and colleagues in 2019 and gain the ELITE skillsets necessary to build a next level business while getting triple certified.

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