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The world is saturated with sickness and disease. From autoimmune disease to mental health to type two diabetes, thyroid conditions, infertility and now, long Covid. Where do we even start as health professionals let alone health coaches with a limited scope of practice? 

The overwhelm is REAL, however it’s actually quite simple. The Gut microbiome is the single most powerful component of human health and we say this knowing that it is intricately connected to almost every aspect of wellness including those listed above. Modern Gut Health coaches are utilizing a WHOLE APPROACH to battling illness and disease. Through advanced education in the three components of gut health (living ecosystem, physical structure, brain-gut connection) as well as “Life Coach First” coaching strategies and effective tools for creating protocols and a business, these Next Level coaches are changing the future of humanity. 

Try researching ANY condition alongside Gut Health and you’ll see that there are many evidence-based case studies, personal testimonials and tons of documented research connecting this area of human health to just about every component of human suffering. We’ve seen people improve mental health that originated from child trauma and later life PTSD. We’ve seen people recalibrate their bodies from stage four cancer, live a high quality of life after near death and lives forever changed. We’ve watched the power of personal awareness and the discovery that we as individuals are our own BEST lead practitioners.    

What’s better than being a healthier person? Utilizing our experience and giving to others. Watching the infinite ripple effect of purposeful work and the transfer of belief from oneself to another. Believe it or not, Health Coaches may just have the capacity to save the world. 

REMEMBER, your investment in others travels so much farther than you will ever know. Healthy people cultivate healthier people. When we tend to our pains, conditions and heal our wounds, we become healthier to the world around us. Healthy parents cultivate healthier children and healthy people live lighter and often contribute more. Never forget the impact that you can have on the world around you.

Congrats to our recent graduate coaches of the Holistic Gut Practitioner certification training. We’ll be sharing their Coach Features soon and through our HWCAELITECOACHES Instagram page. Interested in becoming a certified Holistic Gut Practitioner coach, fill out our call application for discount enrollment options.