A woman sitting at a desk with a laptop and a cup of coffee.

What does a health coach even do?

While I can’t answer for all coaches, HWCA coaches have an inspirational diversity. The basic concept of health coaching is the process of guiding a client through diet and lifestyle changes to achieve a desired outcome. This includes guidance through habit change, healthier diet and stress management. It the simple sense it sounds boring. No wonder so many coaches or aspiring coaches fear failure! 

How will you make money partaking in something that sounds like a chore?

You won’t. Not if that is your business and how you view it. Clients will follow in suit of your energy and confidence. We will discuss the confidence of coaching later but for now, let’s chat about what coaching can and really should be!

Let’s use you as an example! What is one thing about your own wellness, mental, emotional or physical that you have wanted so badly to change but have struggled to succeed at? How bad does it hinder you and how badly do you want to change it? If you could take a magic pill and achieve this goal, how much would you be willing to pay for this pill? 

If, like most individuals, you said something about your weight or appearance, American’s spend over $60 billion dollars annually on weight loss! Most of this money is spent on “quick fix” pills and potions that yield little to no result. 

Now, if you sat down in front of a qualified professional who was very confident that with their assistance, strategies and resources, that you could absolutely achieve your desired outcome, would you do it? 

This person would help you break through all the subconscious garbage that has caused you to believe that you will always fail. They connect with YOU as a person and they remind you of the strength that resides in you! They help you drown out the naysayers and navigate a more empowering environment. They not only guide you through the nutrition strategies for success but they help craft you a blueprint for your NEW and BETTER self! They educate you so that YOU are EMPOWERED to make better choices, take the reigns back when you have a sidestep and ultimately stomp every goal!


My coaches at HWCA get loaded up with the MINDSET piece of training because honestly, its the biggest component of success. Firstly though, as a coach, you will need to get your own mindset in alignment. Once you do, it will convey powerfully to your clients and those in front of you. 

The dietary suggestions, planning and session strategy is the easy part. Every coach focuses on that! An ELITE coach however is absolutely solid in MINDSET. Because of this, it is important to have a community that will consistently support your mindset and personal development. 

Coaching, bridges the gap between the practitioners and the individual. So often I speak with people who have received guidance or information from doctors and even naturopaths, who have left with valid information about their body or conditions but feel completely hopeless as to how to tackle what is being advised of them. That is where coaches are incredible and very much needed. You will bridge the gap of perceived hopelessness and failure in wellness. You can teach them, guide them, check in regularly and most importantly EMPOWER them through an ultimate life transformation! 

What an incredible thing to be able to contribute to others while making a living!