Coaches Playing With Poo

Let’s talk about poop! Why? Because the previously avoided topic of fecal material is something that needs to be discussed for health sake but also, because of the unique window it gives us into the interworking of our entire body and quality of life.

On a microscopic level, your poo is full of microbes; living organisms that all have special jobs. Some of these organisms are responsible for metabolism, some for detoxification, others for nutrient assimilation, cardiovascular function and so on. In order to dig into the microbiome or “Gut,” we need to firstly dig directly into the very stuff that we flush and forget; our poo.

As gut health science has evolved, so has the study of fecal material and the organisms that inhabit it. The multitude of microbes found in poop are representative of the bacterial ecosystem inside the gut, running the body and essentially running your life. Did you ever stop and wonder if maybe your mid-day brain fog, slow metabolism or your constant migraines were potentially caused by the live organisms living in your digestive tract? What if there were an intricate stool analysis that could help you physically “see” just how diverse your digestive colony is, how resilient your body is when faced with sickness and toxin exposure and how your internal health compares to those in optimal health?

Microbiome testing is all the rage now and for good reason! It allows a second perspective into the human gut and when combined with symptom and dietary analysis, can give a fairly in-depth profile understanding into one’s state of wellness. The more that we can understand our individual state of health and understand the living organisms within us, the more that we can tailor our eating habits, lifestyle, stress and supplements to better our quality of life and optimize our own health. We can actually optimize the “machine” that is our body!
So, what if a coach could do this better than the popular direct to consumer testing? What if a coach could work alongside medical professionals, running advanced microbiome analysis, adding doctor approved gut supplementation and tweaking dietary suggestion accordingly for clients? What if a coach could combine Gut specific education and analysis for a real ONE TWO punch? The coaches at the Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy “gut health school” are blazing a new trail for the coaching profession. Think, just how many suffering individuals could we help if more of us are able to see what’s within the body? This is why POOP should start becoming a common topic of conversation. If our embarrassment surrounding this very natural, non-discriminatory process is allowed to hold us back from conversation, then the unfortunate side effect will be more and more people suffering in silence, flushing so many answers down the toilet.

Coach Britt