Gut Health Coaching Movement

On almost a daily basis I hear a story, meet a person or am introduced to a situation that involves suffering. While I am a natural optimist, I am also in the profession of growth. Along with my powerful group of students and colleagues, we power forward with a true passion to help others heal. Almost daily we see those who have lost their lives to sickness and disease or lost those close to them. How does this fuel those with a heart for healing? 

It hurts. Compassion is a quality of a good heart but deep empathy exists when we can literally feel the pain of another and when the two come together it creates a relentless passion for eliminating or lessening that suffering. I have yet to meet an HWCA student or coach that didn’t possess this combination. We all have a personal story which is usually a culmination of many stories and experiences. 

In wellness, we see the immense potential which we have to help others heal, prevent and persevere. Coaches aren’t just veggie pushers, they are real humans who have been through real pain that want to lessen suffering and they just so happen to have some tools.

With a combo approach of Gut balancing and introspective attention/mindset, we know what can be achieved. True health is Mental, Emotional and Physical. The body manifests unresolved trauma and emotions in physical ways. The Gut is the epicenter of the overall immune system and our Mind is what will either stand in the way of our successes or open the door to limitless possibilities.

Our Hybrid coaches approach Holistic Health from a multifaceted skillset of Health and Life Coaching and the reason for this is so that we can make a REAL difference in the world’s wellbeing. Educating and Empowering others to take their own lives and wellness into their own hands because they have the full potential to do so! This phenomenal energy is potent and has contributed to our growth. Because of this, we are certain that the future is bright and our momentum will not be halted because it comes from a place of true passion and perseverance. 

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