What to Look for in a Coaching School

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Deciding to pursue your dreams of coaching is the easy part. Choosing a program that will give you the best training and tools to create your desired business can be tricky.

With health coaching growing so rapidly, it’s no surprise that the number of schools have as well. Here’s a few tips on what to look for in a quality health coaching school:

1. Are they accredited?

2. Do they provide actual coaching skills that allow you to feel comfortable taking clients?

3. Do they provide ongoing education past graduation?

4. Do they teach you about business?

5. Do they value their students?

6. Do they show you how to set yourself apart as a coach?

7. They believe in what they do, it’s more than just a business?

8. Will they stay connected with you long after graduation?

These are a few important things to look for in a credible training school. Next you will want to ask yourself what YOU need!

Do you want to specialize in something in particular? If so, you will want to look for a school that can educate you in this area.

Do you have a timeframe in mind? Maybe you’ve been in the wellness arena for years, reading books and living every dietary theory imaginable, do you need to spend a year or two studying more nutrition? Maybe so! Again, something for you to consider.

Of course there is COST!

Online coaching certifications run on average $6000. This may seem steep but lets break down the components of a GOOD school.

Business setup training

Nutrition training

Coaching clients training

Materials to get started

Personal mentorship

In a conventional school, one year of average tuition at a community college will run you over $13,000. Not only that, but it generally won’t give you the combined education, mentorship and experience to start your own coaching business.

There is REAL value in coaching! You can make great money, doing what you love and all within your own timeframes and locations. How much is that worth to you? Good news, our full Hybrid certification is much less than the average coaching program!

Our triple certificate, 9mo program includes:

Holistic Coach Training and Certification

Gut Health Specialist Certification

Life Coaching/Stress Mindset Certification

5 week personal Gut Balancing program

Done for you Gut program to use/sell to clients

Ongoing access to wellness classes and business masterminds

Business startup mentorship

And HWCA includes all of this for much LESS than the average coaching tuition!

There was a day when apprenticeships and trainings such as this were the only way. Although most of our education is done through our self paced, online portal, we still utilize techniques that allow the coaches to TRAIN and practice their skills. Our passion for fueling our mission for wellness is what motivates us to EMPOWER SUCCESSFUL Coaches!

Train with one of the fastest growing coaching schools. Message us today to schedule a call.