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Why every coach needs to be an educator


We often go about business building and even one on one
coaching all wrong. We get our credentials and then work up enough guts to put
ourselves out there, hoping that someone or a few someones will give us a shot!

There is usually the accompaniment of doubt. Doubt in our
knowledge being thorough enough or if we will let our clients down. “Will they
even do what I am suggesting?” and “What if they don’t and they blame me for a
lack of results?” “How much should I charge?” and “Will anyone pay that?”

In my personal experience, many coaches go through this dialogue
before ever even starting their training! It actually sabotages many would be
incredible coaches. It is rooted in fear and insecurity. That is why we push
the importance of being a good EDUCATOR.

A teacher doesn’t hope you hire them. They know their value
and knowledge and they know you need it. They know that it is up to YOU to make
the most of your education however they are ready and willing to give you the
tools to do so.

When a coach or aspiring coach can adjust their mindset from
a “Coach” to an “Educator,” they will see a massive shift in their own
confidence. They will provide value to their audience of potential clients and
they will teach that audience WHY they NEED them as a coach.

Where do you educate? Where don’t you educate! We actually
train our students to educate as they are learning. This approach has the dual
benefit of solidifying information learned while also building a platform of
potential clients before your product is even ready and certificate in hand. This
can be through blogging, media, lectures, dinners, events, fairs etc. The
opportunities to give value while making your value known to potential clients
is endless!

People do NEED you! Teach them why that is. 

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