A woman standing on top of a mountain with mountains in the background.

Think of your dream. Maybe it’s a passionate, powerful business, influence with purpose or a lifestyle you desire. Think of something you have achieved in the past. What did it take? 

I am willing to bet it took, COMMITMENT, CONSISTENCY and DISCIPLINE

Training the physical body requires the same things and plays a big role in success. A poor diet and lifestyle results in poor ENERGY which tarnishes AMBITION. 

Ambition is required to cultivate your CONSISTENT ROUTINES and DISCIPLINED COMMITMENTS. 

A foggy mind can’t maximize that committed time properly. Unstable blood sugars inhibit brain function and energy, both of which are essential for utilizing those POWER HOURS. Those allotted hours specifically for dream cultivation. 

If the GUT is imbalanced it will send stress signals to the brain. When the brain and body are in a state of stress, they can’t intake information. Learning and growing become utterly useless in a state of Fight or Flight. 

If we aren’t physically comfortable in our “skin suit” it often translates into our venture confidence. Standing and speaking in front of crowds and carrying yourself with assertion in business requires SOLID CONFIDENCE. 

We all too often approach DIET and LIFESTYLE with a self-destructive energy, hating something about our physical body and impatient for change. This spirals us into a relentless process of restriction, failure and guilt. 

The good news is that there is a FAR BETTER WAY!

We need to set our VISION first and then build a vessel that is capable of getting us to that vision. The motivation needs to be in the substance of the outcome rather than the superficial imperfections that we believe will fulfill us by correcting. 

What is your ultimate VISION for your business and life? Who do you want standing in that life? Who do you need to become to achieve that vision? How should you prepare your BODY, MIND and SOUL? Nutrition, Movement and Personal Development are the ticket to building SUCCESS because the success we wish to achieve in this life is literally dependent on the success we cultivate in the Mental, Emotional and Physical vessel firstly.