As coaches, we can give our clients all the info that we know; everything about nutrition, diet, exercise and even the importance of stress management but how do we get them to follow it? This is a common frustration amongst coaches especially in the world of Gut Health. In order to rebuild the intestinal lining, the protocols must be followed with diligence and consistency. While most coaches advocate “moderation,” when the gut is concerned, this is an inadequate approach. Offending substances and allergens even in moderation, will continue to irritate the gut lining and cause inflammation therefore impeding healing. Diligence is key but it can also feel challenging. 

This is where we advocate the “Life coach first approach.” HWCA teaches this method and trains our coaches in 4point mindset strategies to give their clients the psychological tools for success and empowerment. Our training is broken down into 3 parts and this is why each one is so crucial do developing a SUCCESSFUL coach: 


The Gut is the center of the body’s functionality mentally, emotionally and physically. What is holistic health if not a balance of these areas, therefor the dietary approach, while different for each individual, must still be tailored to balancing the microbiome or GUT for optimal wellness to occur. This can be done using multiple dietary theories and preferences but knowledge of WHY we choose the dietary options that we do is so important. The GUT doesn’t care if a diet looks healthy, it reacts to what it can tolerate for it’s current conditions and the entire body’s wellness follows suit. Once a person understands the GUT, everything just comes together. 


This isn’t just a basic stress management training, this is an in depth understanding of the body in relation to multiple types of stress such as environmental, emotional and chemical. It also delves deep into the power of the mind and it’s role in healing the body. When working with clients, their subconscious barriers, fears, limitations and doubts are often what hold them back from their true potential so using this knowledge along with our branded 4Point Strategy helps create a powerful mindset shift in the client before embarking on a stringent dietary protocol. This approach creates more SUCCESS for the client and in return, more success for the coach!


Most people who become coaches do so with a deep desire to help others. Their heart is passionate about wellness and they usually have a personal story. They desire to create a business with this passion and allow themselves to focus 100% on this business without having to work another job but they also, easily, would do all of this work for free. Making a business out of “work” that we love enough to do free of charge can be very challenging. This is where we come in with the third critical component to training a SUCCESSFUL coach. Business! The truth is, as a coach you already will give TONS of value for free through education and resources but you deserve to get paid. You deserve to create your dream life leading others to theirs! You invest in your future when you train and a client will do the same. Your skillset is valuable and when you succeed, others do as well. If you have a successful business than you are helping a lot of people! We set our coaches up for success from the start by putting them through a Pre-Business Startup course and planning prior to their Holistic Gut Health and Mindset training and end with the creation of their own niche business brand and direction in place. Our monthly masterminds bring all students and grads back to the drawing board to evaluate and brainstorm the focus and tactics for the next month while constantly tapping into their EMPOWERING circle of peers!


This Academy was developed with a passion for empowering individuals to heal and seek their greatest potential in this life and high enrollment numbers alone simply do not fulfill this intention. We lead our coaches and come together as a community so that each individual coach has the ability and resources for continual growth, development and SUCCESS! 

*Message us for any questions on our trainings and enrollments or to request a mentor call to discuss the potential for your future dream business