Why You Need to Invest in Yourself

A white heart shaped piece of paper on green grass.

“In order to do better, know better and be better, we must invest in better.” -Coach Britt

(I dedicate this post to my fire lit coaches and those soon to be)

Whether its business, education, food or life in general, when you look for the easiest, cheapest investment, you are communicating to yourself that you are not worthy of better quality. You are not capable of succeeding at a goal or dream and you absolutely will not have the gumption to use a quality opportunity.

Sound harsh? Maybe it is. But is a tip toe approach really making things happen for you? You see, when I got into coaching I believed that I truly had a mission to help others get healthier so that they could avoid disease and live well. I would later come to the realization that my true passion lay in my desire to EMPOWER others to create the life that they truly wanted. Maybe it was in wellness, business, service or charity? Either way, it feeds the soul and the human soul is a hungry beast.

So if so many people have a hunger for true fulfillment, then why aren’t more of us seeking that fulfillment? My answer: We don’t have enough value.

I believe that every person is capable of far better than what they settle for and unfortunately many die before ever seeing their best gifts come to life simply because of self doubt. Self doubt causes us to “invest” cheap. We by cheap, crap “food” and in return get a broken body and an expensive medical bill. We won’t put our money towards things that make us grow, rather distract us from our discontentment.

It’s really a matter of changing your perspective at which point we change our priorities. Without a mental shift you will live in a groundhog day, doing the same things over and over. So why not take a little food for thought with your coffee today eh?


Invest in quality food and you’ll get a cleaner, leaner, less toxic body and substantial increase in your quality of life!

Invest in your business and you bring more assets to the table. You have more to sell/offer.

Invest in your knowledge/training and you bring more capabilities.

Invest in children and you create a better world.

Invest in people and I promise you that investment will come around full circle.