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How will I keep my clients motivated?

It is an overwhelming concept right? Creating lifestyle change is hard for all of us and the thought of dragging another person through their own process can feel exhausting. Who would pay for that? Not many. Not many people will pay for that nor will coaches feel fulfilled if that is how they are coaching!

I am going to pass onto you the best advice I have ever received which happened to come from an excellent counselor that I once had. Ready for it?

 “Never work harder than your client!” 

Mind-blowing right? What does that mean? It means that we KNOW OUR VALUE and that we know that transformation is WORK! Nobody can achieve success at anything without investment. It will be your job to know your value as a coach and to convey this to your clients and potential clients. This is something that I stress over and over with my students and coaches because it is something that needs support. You invested in your training, worked hard to lay the foundation for your business and to develop strategies that are absolutely beneficial to your clients! Your product is awesome! 

Now, you get to choose who you work with based on who is READY to work with you. Are you following so far? If you pick the right training program and community, you will have the support necessary to know your value as a coach and choose to only work with those who are ready to contribute to their own transformation. My coaches are top shelf and they know not to settle for a client who will drain their emotional resources. That depletes their mental and emotional energy from those who really want it and are ready to start the process. 

When an HWCA coach takes on a client, they know that they WILL help that client progress towards their goals and that hand-holding may be needed but carrying a client is unacceptable. 

Success with clients will depend on these three things: 

1. Your mindset

2. Your strategy

3. The clients that you allow to work with you

Yes! Not the clients who will “give you a chance” but the clients who want to work with you and are ready to be an active partner in the process.