How I made myself a successful coach

HWCA Owner Brittney sitting at a Table

There was a day that I only dreamed of pursuing my passion for helping others become healthy and create their best life. I fantasized about how I could work from any location, travel and still have time with my kids. What it took for me was deciding that there was no ending to this journey. That once I started it, I would be consistent in my pursuit of this life which I desired. And so I did…

It started with the birth of my second son. I decided to sell my retail business and use the peanuts that I made from that to float some maternity time bills and invest in my next journey, coaching. I got certified and had no idea of the exact direction which I would go. Much like many trained coaches, but I did know one thing, that I was going to move and move consistently towards my passions. So it started with my personal passion to help educate others on the importance of Gut Health since it had been a huge part of my personal healing! 

I was amazed at how many professionals didn’t know a thing about this area! So I started writing. At the time my husband was working too much for me to really leave our kids, so there I was with about an hour a day to myself (while baby napped) to create my vision. 

So there I was…. parked in the parking lot at a quiet beach, after driving my son to sleep, with my tablet, day after day. That hour or sometimes two, of consistent momentum/effort changed my life. From that self-published book came a course, from that course came what is now a successful coach training school! I now stand behind my coaches with all that I have learned along this journey and the main piece of advice that I have taken away is that if you NEVER STOP MOVING YOU WILL NOT FAIL. Never. You will succeed. Too often we are held back by fear of failure or lack of an explicit plan which is a TOTAL CRAP OUT! That is an excuse that we feed ourselves to justify our lack of movement and it ultimately costs us our vision. Our big dream! 

The absolute BEST part of training coaches for me now is the Empowerment and Mindset piece. Having a mentor who helps you get out of your own way is often invaluable. Believe in yourself as much as I believe in you;) 

All the LOVE!

Coach Britt

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