A woman running on a treadmill in a gym.

You have a vision for your coaching business that likely includes some form or TIME FREEDOM and likely LOCATION FREEDOM to work from any location remotely. You may have it on your intentions to become semi-retired and I am willing to bet that you have some financial goals also. GOOD! You will need all of these things in order to build your dream. Don’t forget to include TIME for YOU and for RELATIONSHIPS while you are at it! 

The piece that many entrepreneurs and self-employed coaches are missing goes beyond their “WHY” and forgets to include the “OTHER WHAT.” This isn’t the “WHAT” that is your product or service but rather the WHAT ARE YOU GIVING? How many people are you giving to this week, month or year and WHAT are you giving them? You have to form a deep passion with what you truly give in order to generate a successful, fulfilling business and essentially a life of purpose and high value. 

When building your business machine, sit down and ask yourself the following questions. These questions will set a foundation capable of driving you through the hardest of times (THAT EVERY BUSINESS HAS) and will keep you grounded during major success. 

1. What to I really, passionately want to give?

2. Who do I want to give this to?

3. How will I give it?

4. How many people do I want to give to? 

The growth of ourselves as individuals will reflect in our ventures.