A lake with colorful flowers and mountains in the background.

We too often put our personal value in the hands of the outside world. In the hands of social media, friends, family and even complete strangers. We tie it to the things that we accomplish, our physical looks or our superficial assets. This very common mistake takes a hefty toll on your business dreams and overall ambition. You see, most people have a fear of failure that also accompanies the self-fulfilling belief that one is destined to fail. When we already struggle with this very unhealthy mindset, it is only worsened when we hand our value over to others. 

If you desire to succeed in business, personal health, relationships or any other area of life, you must firstly value who and what you are. Not what others do or might perceive you to be. When we tap into our true value, we often find purpose in what we do and purpose cannot be defined by another. It is integral for your personal and professional growth to realize where you assign your value. Assigning it to the purpose that we inspire in the world as individuals will yield greater results for us spiritually as well as financially. 

Ask yourself what drives you? What would you do if you could do anything? Now ask yourself why you aren’t. What’s holding you back? Where is your value and is it being given to those who play into your self doubt and belief in your own failure; or is it in your purpose? 

At HWCA we stay connected to each and every student and coach long after graduation through our closed group and our monthly masterminds because we know the power of connection with purpose and staying close to those who help you grow not those who insight fear. 

Find your value, seek purpose through passionate direction and YOU WILL SUCCEED!