How do you sell what you’d give for free?

A group of people sitting around a laptop.

The hardest words for most coaches and healers to use are “BUSINESS” and “MONEY.” The reason for this? Because we are passion centered human beings. We have a genuine love of helping others and giving. So many people need help right? And you are happy to give. Before we restructure your mindset, lets firstly acknowledge how amazing that is that you have a selflessness capable of giving so much of yourself to others. Don’t lose that! Its what brought you here and its also what will lead you through the ups and downs of business. 

The truth is, you are only one person and if that one person is working 40 hours a week at a job that doesn’t fulfill them, that that leaves you little time and ability to do what you do best. While we don’t want you to abandon all philanthropic ventures, you do need to design a structure that will allow you to get paid for what you do and finance the heart centered avenues in which you don’t choose to obtain compensation. 

If you find yourself struggling with guilt, know these two things: 

1. People don’t often VALUE what they don’t work or pay for.
Wonder why those free service individuals just wont give much energy to what your are teaching them? Well, likely because they either aren’t ready or don’t appreciate it. If they lack appreciation, its likely because it was given to them. 

Sometimes an obscene amount of it on things that aren’t improving their quality of life but rather momentary gratification. You are offering REAL VALUE, especially since your heart is intertwined in what you do. Remember this! 

So that’s the two tips to lift your guilt a little. Now for some tips on the BUSINESS. Start seeing your passion centered field, service or even “hobby” as a real business. Give it real hours even if its just 3 per week! In your allotted time, develop content, branding and strategies. Seek to learn more and reach more and you will inevitably succeed. Its all about consistency. 

This snip-it was shared from HWCA’s blog all about Gut Health, Mindset, Coaching and YES, Business! 

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