How To Build Your Coaching Brand

HWCA Owner Brittney sitting at a Table

How To Build Your Coaching Brand

Many current and aspiring coaches struggle with fear that they won’t get clients or feel overwhelmed with how and where to start. Contrary to what most believe, your close circle of friends, family and familiar community isn’t the best place to start. This is due to the many dynamics at play in relationships. When you are first venturing into something new, you need to build your confidence and this can be hard to do around those who know your greatest failures, multiple job and business ventures or whom just are too close to you that it creates a conflict of interest. I always recommend “Reaching outside of your circle.” 

In order to build your business, you need to first build your confidence and this is best done with a brand new and relevant audience. 

Presenting your skills to a stranger will be much easier than bringing your new business focus to someone you know. The trick to this is to first off, KNOW YOUR BRAND. You can’t present your product well if you haven’t designed it and you can’t get yourself in front of the right people if you haven’t defined WHO the right people are. 

Step one in building your coaching brand is to decide your niche. The more precise you are, the more valuable and interested your ideal client will be. When I train my HWCA coaches, defining their niche is one of the first things we get them meditating on. Your pool may be smaller but you will stand out better to those in the pool. 

Step two will require you to define your clientele intricately. We go through this in detail throughout our training and the purpose is to give the coach a solid understanding of WHO they are communicating to. 

Once you know WHO you are talking to, you can create your brand and content further to communicate directly to them. While putting your individual spin on it of course;)

Don’t let your fear of competition keep you from the success that awaits you! Learn how to compete less while growing more. 

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