Bridging the gap between practitioner and client

A woman sitting in a chair with a laptop in front of a fireplace.

The Holistic Health community is known for seeking root causation as opposed to the typical band-aiding of symptoms and while their efforts are well intentioned, the typical practitioner can only do so much in their window of time with a patient. 

The functional medicine doctor may pull thorough bloodwork, identify a sneaky thyroid imbalance and even recommend a gut balancing diet. They may guide you to reading material and send you on your way with a list or bag full of specific supplements but is it enough? 

Most practitioners will tell you that while they strongly believe in their services, they are ill equipped to actually walk their clients through the things that so strongly impact their health such as diet, exercise, psychology, mindset and stress. 

Truth is, it’s not their job. It’s the practitioner’s job to provide the service you seek, while you are there and give you tools. It’s the individual’s job to utilize their tools, seek additional knowledge and put that knowledge to action. This is why so many people fall short in terms of their desired outcomes. What a disservice to the practitioner when we leave their office and continue with behaviors that literally work against their work! 

This is where a coach comes in. A coach, our HWCA coaches are strategically working alongside the ROOT SEEKING PROFESSIONALS in order to assist the client through recommended processes and onward to success. 


If I had a dime for every therapist, chiropractor, counselor, personal trainer, functional medicine doctor and the like who expressed their frustration with their client’s lack of “DO” I’d personally be retired. 

We are in a new day now. One where people are recognizing that wellness is all inclusive and that all of the pieces of the pie need tending to. That trauma from your childhood IS HOLDING YOU BACK! That food you are consuming IS working against your therapies just as that unacknowledged food intolerance IS working against your Gut Health and essentially mental health and motivation. 

This is the year when we bridge the gap between practitioner and client and we do this by utilizing specifically trained coaches, focused on Gut Health and the Mind. 

Stay connected for details on our upcoming Buddha Belly Life Podcast, Empowering Purpose Mind to Microbiome where we will be discussing gutting edge Gut Health science and inspiring each person to live to their ultimate potential, mentally and physically. 

 Coach Britt ~Buddha Belly Coach