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We recently asked our HWCA community to share their biggest obstacles and questions about coaching, be it their business or the practice of working with clients. Here were the top questions and our answers. 

1. How do I get clients from my social media following?

A: Coaches (and everyone actually) frequently confuse “likes” and “follows” for interaction. They rely too heavily on their media base and therefor neglect the powerful areas of entrepreneurship. Social media is a powerful tool. In fact, it’s like a business card. If you don’t have one, people may wonder if you are legit? That said, the algorithms and short attention span make it hard for most professionals to get their content and brand really HEARD and not just SEEN really quick. I like to use social media for short value content as a driver to a “quiet place” where you can connect, capture info, chat or share more in-depth value education. For example, creating a great YouTube video about a high value topic and sharing a snip-it on your social media with a prompt to the whole video. This allows people to see a bit about what you offer and filters those who are truly interested towards something more intimate like a landing page or video. 

2. What do I do if my client isn’t motivated or following my advice?

A: This gets asked ALL OF THE TIME! There are multiple things to evaluate in this scenario. Firstly, have you vetted your clients to make sure that you are getting your IDEAL CLIENT, someone who’s ready, invested and open to growth? If not, filter them to something more suited for them until they are ready. Next, it is important to remember that this is THEIR JOURNEY not yours. It’s a process of data collection and growth not perfection. Your job is to be an incredible partner along their journey. You are a partner that has a tool box of knowledge, resources and empowerment. This makes their journey less overwhelming, complicated, confusing and lonely. Their lack of motivation may be an issue with depression or poor self-esteem. Their brain may be functioning slow and their gut may not be producing adequate serotonin. Let them set their pace and keep your eyes on the WINS and the DATA.

3. Should I be running paid ads? If so, how do I start this?

A: I personally do NOT suggest paid acquisition until you have developed an organic business machine. An organic business machine is a Product/Offer and the process of getting someone to it. You should know your IDEAL CLIENT and have an avenue or process of reaching them. Then you’ll want VALUE CONTENT to engage them, somewhere to CAPTURE them such as a landing page and email subscription and then a good CTA (call to action) that entices them to inquire about your process. At this point you have a SALES STRATEGY which is rapport building, navigating desires and obstacles and a tempting offer with an expiration. Once you start refining this process, you’ll be able to better start learning paid ads. I also suggest you learn a bit about it yourself first if you don’t want to blow a lot of money paying marketing agencies to learn it for you when they often don’t understand your business and client like you do already. It is known that big businesses rely heavily on paid acquisition and there it is a pretty essential stepping stone in business growth, but take it from me, learn the organic way first and then you can afford to throw some money at a third party and assure your ability to guide them and oversee their work. 

4. What if I get certified but can’t make a business out of it?

A: “Stop planning your failure!” Especially since you are literally the determining factor of whether or not you fail. In my opinion, through persistence, there is NO WAY TO FAIL in the end. Entrepreneurship is a guaranteed failure at some point and then again at another, that’s how we become good at what we desire to do. It’s only really when we quit at a FAIL MARKER that we “Fail” simply because we chose a bad step to be our last. Now, I also believe in proceeding only if it is worth it. If you don’t love what you are investing blood in, then think about letting it go. The things that we love the most, that are the most worth fighting through require a fantastic level of perseverance. Don’t waste the muscle on something that doesn’t light you up. Whenever I chat with an aspiring coach who asks this question, I recommend two things. Either they don’t really want it bad enough or they need to do some mindset work to step into their power. Usually when people fear failure, they actually fear “failing” in front of people. Its less about the perceived failure points and more about the fear of shame or embarrassment. To that I would say, ‚ÄúPrepare to get uncomfortable, even embarrassed and nothing will have a hold on you anymore.” The people who tend to make us feel insecure are generally those who struggle with their own security. They simply project their fears and judgements. Fears that they allow to hold them back. You get to choose to step into power and when you do, I know a rad community of others who will be waiting to support you. 

5. I have been coaching 1 on 1 for some time and want to retire soon. I still want to coach but I want more flexibility to travel. Is this possible?

A: I love this! When I get on a call with a potential HWCA trainee, I always ask about their end vision. This allows me to help brainstorm with them about how their HWCA certification training can help get them to their destination and because many coaches are previously certified and active, we get to chat about advancing or pivoting their practice strategy. I have seen coaches go from 40hours a week with 1 on 1 clients, to seasonal sessions, groups and even online, hands-off practices utilizing other coaches and/or pre-recorded materials. The possibilities are endless and as you’ll see, HWCA grads don’t get stuck in the 1 on 1 coaching box. They have created a variety of creative business structures, wellness platforms and practice strategies. Congrats on the future retirement!

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