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When we started HWCA one thing became painfully clear; many graduate coaches weren’t practicing. Since we started as a sole Gut Health course in the beginning, we had many coaches take our course who had been previously certified through other programs and who clearly weren’t active. After enough time we concluded that BUSINESS and MINDSET were definitely missing from their previous training. Maybe not entirely but to the degree needed to pursue entrepreneurship. In ANY BUSINESS the roller coaster of success and learning experience is one that will need to be ridden with consistency. 

When this fact became apparent we expanded the Academy immensely and effectively. After working with so many business owners and coaches, I can confidently say that there are a few repetitious barriers that effect almost every entrepreneur, not just coaches! 

1. Afraid of failure

2. Afraid that they aren’t knowledgeable enough

3. Overwhelmed with “where to start” in their business

4. Uncertain of their niche or ideal client

5. Time 

FAILURE is subjective. We will and need to “fail.” Failure is merely an obstacle needed in order to help you strategize an approach which in turn will help you scale the obstacle and land you at your next level of success. In hindsight, failure isn’t failure than is it? Its your road map. Learn from it. 

FAKE IT till you make it. Don’t over promise what you can’t deliver but do promise what you WILL deliver and do it with confidence. For the record, EVERY PERSON feels this feeling. Its not new and the difference between the successful and the “failures” is merely who decides to step up in spite of their fear and just do it. 

WHERE to start? For this part, we recommend having a coach or professional. We actually mentor our students through this process. Getting out of your own head can be hard and having an outside resource to methodically plan with is incredibly beneficial. 

ALL the things! So many options for your business direction and services, do them all right? Wrong. You need to attract your IDEAL CLIENT and in order to do this, you need to know who that is and how to get their attention. We also mentor each student through this process and its made all the difference in their success. 

TIME is unavailable. Where there is a will, there is a way even if its only an hour a week. Put down the phone, media or brainless TV show for an hour in order to invest in your future vision. It will be totally worth it;)

So long story short, the field of coaching attract soul driven, passionate, giving individuals and this intuitive energy is not easily comfortable with sales and marketing however succeeding at your coaching business is fully dependent on both. This is why so many coaches aren’t active. They haven’t tapped into the business understanding and skills needed to make ANY business successful. 

Don’t let your passion go to waste! Tap into resources that will help you strategize, grow and keep your mindset right. 

*Message us directly to inquire about HWCA courses and optional business mentorship for new and experienced business owners.