Work/Life balance: Over half of a million women just left the workforce 2020

A woman walking her dog on a trail at sunset.

CNN just reported that over half of a million women just left the workforce… 

As of October 15th 2020, hundreds of thousands of women have left the workforce following an unprecedented, worldwide pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic spawned governmental shut downs of businesses, schools, recreation and more. Because of these shut downs, parents and families have scrambled to figure out how to pay their bills and often simultaneously, educate their children. 

This current predicament has contributed to over half a million women leaving the workforce in just September alone. This is eight times more than the number of men who have left jobs and most of these women were of prime working age. While many see this as a regression for the feminist movement, perhaps it’s giving way for another opportunity? An opportunity for more individuals to craft their own vision of a career? 

As a working mother myself, I will say that juggling homeschooling with business is about the heaviest load I’ve ever experienced. In our home we have six kids, one being an infant. While I have always found a way to work my business and be home with my kids, this extra task was a bit much. 

So what do we do?

Like many parents, my partner and I were faced with two options. Have one of us essentially quit our business or have someone else be with our children. There are a lot of factors in this decision such as finances, time etc. but one component that isn’t talked about enough if PURPOSE and FULFILLMENT. Some people are singing praises over their decision to leave their place of work but for others, they are leaving their place of fulfillment and this can feel defeating. Add to it all the guilt that may come from feeling like our kids should be our only purpose in life and you have a depressing culmination that will set many individuals up for mental health struggles come this winter. 

Another option…

I considered myself a bit selfish in my endeavors. I wanted to have my cake and eat it too. I wanted to keep my kids out of daycare as much as possible and I also NEEDED my outlet. I needed my business, my passion and essentially my solo purpose. Coaching has been such a fulfilling piece of my life and it’s allowed me to guide hundreds and thousands of people through health, entrepreneurship and life! It’s been a dream come true and a dream isn’t easily abandoned. So, how do we do both? Can we have both? Can we start a more fulfilling “career” at home, while guiding our kids and navigating the unknown? 

YES YES YES! Yes we can! But it won’t be easy.

This week in our closed FB Mastermind group for professionals, we will be discussing how to pull off the perceived “impossible” so that we can start living the life we want, the life that fulfills us. 

There are some essential steps in this process: 

1. Identify your passion

2. Set your vision. Know your destination.

3. Time block even if it’s a little

4. Execute ‘

I can’t tell you how important it is to make PURPOSE A PRIORITY! If your spouse, partner, family or friends don’t understand that, then they are likely amongst the majority of the nation who fell for the narrative that life is about “success” and “success” is measured by the social acceptability of your job, the size of your paycheck and the status you obtain from the things that you acquire. 

Coaches, entrepreneurs, men, women.. You all deserve to seek purpose and experience fulfillment! Join me in our closed Gut Health and Mindset Professional community as we take on this beast of an obstacle.