Coronavirus and Gut Health

 Coronavirus tips utilizing Gut Health:

According to my colleagues in the UK, stores are selling out of antibacterial soaps and products and supply and demand has increased prices dramatically.

 Instead of weighing in on my knowledge and opinions regarding this virus, I will share some important info:

1. Coronavirus is a Virus not a Bacteria.

2. Killing off your bacteria with Antibacterial products just kills all of your bacteria especially the GOOD BACTERIA WHO FIGHT AND PROTECT YOU AGAINST VIRUSES

3. Plain soap will do the job and save what immune system bacteria you have so that they can go to bat for you in grocery stores, day cares, gyms… the list is long.

4. Antibiotics (meaning against life) are also ANTI-BACTERIA which means ALL BACTERIA including good, immune building bacteria. Use with absolute discretion, when absolutely necessary and follow up with a restoration period of quality probiotics, healthy food water and rest.

5. Sugar suppresses the immune system. EAT/DRINK SUGAR=INCREASE LIKELIHOOD OF GETTING SICK, recovery time and severity of illness. Opportunistic bacteria “BAD bacteria”
freaking LOVE REFINED SUGAR and will grow like Pac Man if fed it regularly, thus choking out your immune fighting bacteria.

6. The GOOD bacteria in your body need to be fed to stay alive. This means that REAL, WHOLE, FOOD is imperative to their survival. It’s what feeds them. They can’t live on pizza, boxed food and processed products. THEY WILL DIE.. much like an animal would if fed the SAD diet.

7. Building and nurturing a strong immune system/bacterial community may be JUST AS EFFECTIVE if not more so that even a vaccine and it will even protect you from an array of other illnesses, disease and any new scary virus that may show up again in another few years.

8. EDUCATE YOURSELF FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY. It will come in handy in the future as well and in your choices for those you love most, indefinitely.

 One of the best things we can do as wellness professionals is EMPOWER education and ones ability to take their own health and happiness into their own hands. 


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