Is It Too Late For Our Natural Microbiome? Part 2

Is it too late to turn around our own extinction?

As a world and a human species, we rely on nature to survive and especially to thrive. It is safe to say that the further we step away from what is natural, the further we step into our own destruction as a human race.

Animals do not live parasitically (unless they are parasites and in small quantity)

Unlike most of the natural world, humans have sought to engineer that which has been lost due to our parasitic ways of living. Our health is largely tied to microbes, many of which come from soil. As it currently stands, due to commercial agricultural practices, we may only have growable top soil for another 60 years. Organic soil grows food and many essential Gut microbes responsible for optimal wellness and immunity.

Most of the oxygen we survive on comes from our vast rainforests and yet these are being chopped down faster than they could ever be replanted. We are moving towards a world that will have to rely on scientifically engineered  water, air and food in order to survive. Survival is the bare minimum of existence; trying not to die. We were created for better, for more. Humans have the ability to live synergistically amongst natures design with a balance of intelligence and intuition.

This depletion of nature is just an external example of the internal extinction that’s gone on within the human body. Our own living microbiome is similar to the external diversity of nature. There were vast species of microbes, insects, birds, mammals, predators and prey, existing in perfect quantity to maintain a homeostasis on earth. When this homeostasis fails, it’s often due to a shift in environment which naturally will correct itself. Humans however are so intelligent that we’ve made it our mission to “Out Science Nature,” taking it upon ourselves to shift ecosystems and engineer components.

Our physical vessels are now a prime example of this fairly egocentric ideology. Our bodily ecosystem has now taken a microbial hit from chemicals, processed “food,” destructive agricultural practices and overdone sanitization. Now, we are missing the very things responsible for creating a strong immune system, metabolism and disease prevention.

We now are a species with ever increasing numbers of disease, cancers, mental health, sickness, obesity and prescription (engineered) dependency; A sad truth of not listening a bit more to natures’ laws. How bleak?

For those who get it, they REALLY REALLY get it! So what do we do? What can we do?

In my personal  and professional opinion, we need to strengthen our microbiomes and the very things that they rely on. Our survival and quality of life will depend on how we cultivate our gardens both in and on our physical body as well as the one nature gave us to assist the process. We can’t chemically treat our soil and consume the crops without degrading our own internal microbiome. We can’t pollute our air without breathing in the very things that further put us in an early grave, nor can we murder our microbiome with antibiotics, antibacterials, pharmaceuticals and chemicals and expect it to stand a chance against viruses, diseases and death.


Our quality and longevity of life can turn around if we decide to live within an ecosystem of nature instead of against it.