A woman's stomach with her hands making a heart shape.


Gut health goes far beyond supplementation. In fact some people can’t handle probiotic supplements at all!
 While we agree that many individuals will benefit from a probiotic supplement on top of a holistic gut protocol, there are some who can’t. 
Some individuals with certain bacterial overgrowths and imbalances may worsen their condition by using supplements especially depending on the preserving additives within many supplements.

Remember: Gut health is a process and supplements are potential tools. This doesn’t make supplements bad! It makes knowledge VERY IMPORTANT! The last thing any individual or coach would want is to worsen someones health or prevent them from ultimate restoration. Once you understand the gut on a holistic, mind-body level you will have a better understanding of how to really guide others. Usage of quality probiotics can be incredibly beneficial but as most will come to see, no supplement makes up for a poor diet nor can it completely restore a body’s entire functionality. With that said, the right supplements combined with proper coach training surrounding Holistic Gut Health can do BIG things! 

Our coaches train in not only Gut function and dietary theories but also gain an understanding of different signs and symptoms of varying gut conditions. While no coach can take the place of a doctor or prescribe, they are an invaluable tool for many suffering. 

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