Are those products really “gut friendly?”

A woman's stomach with her hands making a heart shape.

Gut health and the microbiome are all a buzz these days which means its time to do some research on products or foods that claim to be “microbiome friendly” or “gut friendly.” While this movement is excellent, it also perks the ears of profiteers. As health coaches we spend A LOT of time educating the public on how to navigate the deception on food labels however now, more and more body product and supplement companies are claiming to be “healthy” and even “gut friendly.” Are they all that they claim? Most products rely on damaging additives and ingredients in order to keep them shelf stable. Think about whole foods. They have a serious shelf life, especially the fresh ones so why wouldn’t our products and supplements if they too are truly healthy? 

One product we researched that claimed to be “microbiome friendly” included ingredients such as: 

Ethylene oxide: a known carcinogen

Sodium Laureth 12 Sulfate: Contamination concerns with ethylene oxide. Causes skin irritation.

DMDM Hydantoin: Antimicrobial formaldehyde 

I can tell you that anything antimicrobial is NOT “gut friendly!” Yet here these companies are, praying on the naivety of the consumer in order to capitalize on the momentum surrounding gut health. Our motto is “Where there is money, there must be research.” This goes for body products, supplements and pharmaceuticals as well as food. Do not trust the claims on the labels or the commercials. Trust the labels themselves. Researching each ingredient in your daily products and foods will open your mind up to just how immense the problem is. If you find the label list of a product or food is too lengthy to research, it may be time to rethink your usage of it. Your skin is one of the largest organs and is also a direct reflection of the state of your gut.

At HWCA we are EDUCATORS in a movement. A movement to EMPOWER each individual to take power of their own life and wellness and our coaches are no different. They are incredible educators who not only give you the information but also the tools and resources to achieve your own best life. After all, this is your life, your body and you should have a say in the quality of it.

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