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For those of us who have been investing blood sweat and tears into empowering individual health freedom for years, this year has presented a new beast. 

Now, more than ever, everyone is concerned for their health. This is great right? Maybe. In the face of a global pandemic, we are seeing produce isles rarely touched while watching bulk purchases of alcohol, processed foods and toilet paper. We see fearful masked citizens and giant bottles of bacteria killing hand sanitizer around every corner, everywhere we go. 

Is this a “New World” of health? Many of you, especially our Gut Health coaches have been relentless in your pursuit of educating the masses on building health through the immune system. 

After all, 70%+ of the body’s immune system resides in the GUT!

With nutrition, sleep and physical exercise being virtually ignored and even discouraged in some instances on a mass scale, it may be attractive to sideline for a while. To save all that motivation and content for a time where people are ready for it and where higher authorities allow your voice to be better heard. 

Why share the ill effects of pharmaceutical dependence with an audience anxiously awaiting a “miracle” drug? 

Why educate on the inflammatory effects of stress on the body’s immune system when the local news is relentlessly activating everyone’s fight or flight response? 


They need your information and empowerment. They don’t want to feel like a sitting duck to illness and disease. They are looking for some light in a very dark tunnel and you may just be the light. 

Most of us didn’t get into this profession because it seemed like a lucrative career option. We entered into this world because of suffering. We have suffered and watched those around us suffer as well and part of healing suffering is to give. 

We give so that others may suffer less and in doing so, we heal and grow constantly. 

Your voice is powerful and your education has merit! The world is not as it seems just because certain perspectives are getting the focus. Empower your OWN MIND daily and then proceed with purpose for the world around you. 

HWCA~ Coach Britt