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It’s time that we have a REAL talk about “Health” care. 

It’s no secret that now is a rough time to be in Holistic Health, prevention and functional medicine. Diet, lifestyle and emotional health aren’t exactly being touted as a means to stay healthy. The unfortunate side effect of a highly pharmaceutically driven society, is skyrocketing numbers of chronic disease and mental health. 

The US was already dealing with ever increasing rates of sickness and disease related to the standard American diet, but now it seems that in order to favor certain drug promoting perspectives, functional and holistic health is being almost completly snuffed out. 

The very people and recommendations responsible for prevention are having a hard time getting thier information to so many people in desporate need of it. The CDC saw a 51% increase in suicide attempts by teen girls during the pandemic alone. The CDC has also been documented predicting that cancer rates will rise 50%+ between 2015 and 2050 and whats even more concerning is the recent spike in autoimmune disease which was already at epidemic levels. If you ask any health coach what they’d do for their friend, family or even a stranger fearful of disease, most will answer with preventative strategy. 

They’d talk about DIET, MOVEMENT, STRESS, TRAUMA and if they are really good, they’ll specify the GUT MICROBIOME;)

I have to wonder what it is that keeps modern medicine looking at the body and the human in compartments? Specialists focus on one part of the body and a patient may see multiple specialists for any given issue, most of whom never even talk amongst themselves! So many tests often result in so little answers. Women especially struggle with forms of “invisible illness” being made to feel that their symptoms of chronic fatigue, hormonal issues, anxiety, depression and brain fog are just a manifestation of their mind. 

HEALTH requires more than diagnistics and medicine. Medications are often “treating” secondary symptoms of an unrealized foundational issue. The danger with this “run here first” approach is more than just missing the foundational mark, it’s also the array of side effects that further damage the human gut. It takes about a week on non-prescription NSAIDS to cause intestinal permiablility, potentially leading to a cascade of inflammitory issues. Over prescription of antibiotics causes the Gut Microbiome and it’s precious immune system to take a beating and without propper restoration, the gut dysbiosis just leads to more and more sickness and disease. There has been documentation of increased incodence of suicide rate among people on SSRI’s and the prescription introduced opiod crisis is almost unreal. 


Why aren’t we helping people get to the root of their suffering, be it Mental, Emotional, Physical or Spiritual? 

While I personally respect the individual decitions of the population, I wouldn’t be true to MY purpose if I chose to tip toe around this topic when so many need help. 

I have had the extreme privlidge of interviewing doctors and health professionals all over the world in my work and on my Buddha Belly Life Podcast who have given me so much hope in the future of functional wellness. There are incredibly intellegent, educated professionals fighting for functional wellness and for the world right now in mass numbers. 

Since the above stats can feel grim, I think it appropriate to shed positive, hopeful light on real stories of overcoming like I do on Buddha Belly Life. Multiple studies have come to light showing simple things like the positive effects of probiotics on depression and the an improved gut microbiome’s effect on autoimmune conditions and episodes. We have so many reasons to keep going, seeking learning and speaking! 


Fighting for the wellbeing of the world. 

Coach Britt

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