Growth vs. Healing

A woman is standing on a hill with her arms outstretched.

Personal growth and self-healing go hand in hand. Whether we are healing from a traumatic event or desiring to be more than we’ve ever been, we must first find the areas within us that we are using to sabotage our desires. A desire to alleviate pain and suffering or a desire to achieve great things! Both will equally necessitate HEALING and Growth believe it or not. Let me explain this in a little detail

Say you have experienced something sad or very hard, a divorce, death or addiction. In order to facilitate a healing process, you must be able to dive into your raw emotions and dig out the source of every one of them. In circumstances such as relationship loss and personal failures, we can use this introspection to understand our pattern and therefor anticipate future obstacles and plan for success. Through the breaking of the cycle we have now arrived at personal growth.

Say now that you haven’t experienced something noticeably painful recently, but feel stuck in life, business or relationships. You likely desire personal growth which ultimately will lead you to a greater purpose and achievement. Now if this “desire” is something that feels hard to you or out of reach or maybe even has been a consistent “want” but has yet to be seen into fruition, then you likely have unhealed mental/emotional barriers that are inhibiting your mindset and stagnating your progress. These barriers often lead to weak spots within which require… you guessed it! Healing!

Why is all of this tied into Holistic Health? Because every form of healing or growth requires both aspects. If you desire a healthier body or mind, you must heal and grow. You must learn to see yourself as the future you instead of being halted by familiarity! Humans love to be comfortable. We stick to what we know and yet all to often desire newness. Grow through the fear of change, heal the roots of unhealthy inhibitions and you will arrive at your desired checkpoint. Not only that, but the world will become full of unlimited potential and purpose. What is your dream?

Have you honored your life by allowing yourself to live it? Remember that it’s never too late to completely change your world and run at your best life.

Coach Britt

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