Is it working yet?

Guess what? The hard truth is that things that we all really want in life will never come easy or quickly. A healthy relationship, better parenting, Abs, weight loss, healing, success etc. 

Why don’t more people have what they want?

Because it takes too long. 

As patience depletes, so does achievement of goals. Living in a day of instant gratification, its easier to fill the voids with “Insta” attention than to wait for the kind of real life connection that cultivates self worth and its faster to make a drink or gorge on doughnuts when we feel stressed than it is to lace up our shoes and hit the weights. One makes you “FEEL GOOD NOW” and the other takes time; PATIENCE. 

How to get comfortable with patience.

Put aside the OUTCOME and learn how to enjoy the PROCESS. This means that we don’t “Diet” for weight loss, we COMMIT to a PROCESS of clean energy consumption, CONSISTENTLY. We OWN IT as if it were a piece of who we are.


This mental shift doesn’t get assigned at the point that you hit your goal weight. It becomes your mantra, the thing that keeps you PERSISTANT and PATIENT in the very beginning, right when you decide to receive it. 

Healing vs. a Band-Aid

A pill can “fix” the feeling in the moment or make the physical pain subside but it will never heal the root. A band-aid or quick fix for immediate gratification will only allow a wound/void to persist and exist until it chooses to scream louder. Maybe its your health, in which case popping those painkillers for headaches and achy joints is just asking the underlying inflammation that’s likely causing them to SCREAM LOUDER> In the form of heart disease, diabetes, sleep problems; the list goes on..

Practice patience for 30days 

As a coach, I find it frustrating with the lack of transparency within the health world regarding the HONEST struggles that everyone has with patience. Its so much less about the restriction, macro counting, workouts and supplements and so much more about consistency and consistency requires A LOT of PATIENCE. 

I personally do not embody this virtue easily. This is why I have to practice it solely. Even when adhering to a GUT protocol and a workout routine, the MENTAL FOCUS needs to stay on CONSISTENCY and that requires me to meditate on PATIENCE big time. Patience and consistency are the two things that will impact every aspect of your life and goals the most. You can’t JUST DO IT if you struggle to KEEP DOING IT and you can’t achieve your dreams if you don’t have the capacity to watch them cultivate. 

Looking back

Living in the present is a beautiful thing however sometimes we need to glance over our shoulder to really identify how far we’ve come. Most progress is a slow game and that’s why people quit before it comes into fruition. That’s why we don’t always appreciate what we’ve achieved or what we have because it didn’t appear instantly after a magic wand was waved around. The behaviors that ultimately get us to our next level are like building blocks, stacked together and on top of each other, one by one until they form the next step. If the step is thrown together quickly, it won’t be stable. It won’t hold for long. 

Success depends on your Long Game

We need to practice our long game. Your HEALTH/HEALING is a long game just as is your relationship or your business goals. If something really means something to you, make it your long game. 

Practice your Long Game for 30 days

I challenge you to practice your long game for 30 days. What means A LOT to you? What do you want to achieve? What do you need to do to start the process? Notice that I didn’t say “What do you need to do to get the desired end result” although they are one in the same. Your mind however needs to taste success in order to feed patience. Success in your long game begins when you start the process of cultivating patience and testing it with your greatest desires. 

Follow my 30days

So, as a Coach I have decided to walk my talk for 30days WITH my people;) I will be cultivating my patience for the next 30days by working on my Long Game in nutrition, Gut Restoration, Business and Relationship and I will be sharing insight throughout this process via my Insta @ http://instagram.com/buddhabel… 

 In 30days  I will document the end result of the 30days as well as HOW to move forward past the initial 30day practice period. To join in on this, follow me and request admission into our closed Buddha Belly Life group at https://www.facebook.com/group…

See ya there;)