“Broken Brain” docuseries review

After an hour spent watching Dr. Mark Hyman’s “Broken Brain 2” docuseries and I absolutely had to share my thoughts. Firstly, I would just like to thank Dr. Hyman for sharing an essential and misunderstood aspect of health; brain disorders and mental wellness. As I listened to the information in this first part of the series, I cried many times. Why? Well for a few reasons. Anyone who knows what I do or who have read my first book “Buddha Belly” know that I have a deep personal passion surrounding mental health. I suffered greatly with anxiety and depression since age 4. I have known far too many people who suffered as well and it is excruciating. 

Aside from my passion for the topic at hand, his information was cutting edge and spot on. He vindicated HWCA’s entire training emphasizing the importance of Gut Health and Mindset and the multifaceted approach necessary for healing. I adore this man for the knowledge that he is bringing to the world and the hope that he is giving not only for those with anxiety and depression but also ADHD, Alzheimer’s  and other cognitive impairments. Too many individuals are being medicated for “illusive” symptoms and in return the actual root causes are going unresolved as well as being further exacerbated. 

If you have not looked into this docuseries and are a parent, friend, sibling or colleague of someone with any brain condition, you can’t afford not to hear this. If you are a human with the potential to develop any brain condition, you can’t afford not to know what Dr. Hyman is sharing. 

Lastly, to all my coaches, present and future, keep on pioneering Holistic Wellness! You are incredible lights in this world and your special skillsets in this very arena WILL impact many. 

~Coach Britt

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