How are we feeding our lives?

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American’s are some of the largest consumers around the world. We consume food, water, oil, media and more. With all of that consumption, we should be the healthiest, happiest people on the planet yet in recent global data studies, America ranks #18 on the list of happiest countries and #35 for health.

In regards to affluence, the USA is towards the top of the wealth scale which lends itself nicely to obsessive consumerism. You may be surprised to know that this particular article isn’t going to focus on superficiality or minimalism, that will likely come later. The purpose of this piece is to highlight the QUALITY of our consumption or better yet, lack of quality. We remain overworked and under satisfied despite long work hours. This is an entrepreneurial epiphany because it is an example of how our constant, compulsive consumption leads to a lack of quality in every aspect of our lives. Our diets are poor in nutrition, our “information” is more often than not, useless and our air and water are polluted by the biproducts of manufacturing all the things that we consume. We poison our bodies, our minds, our air and water in an attempt to feel successful, healthy or happy. One may view this as counterintuitive?

When we get stuck in the hamster wheel of low-quality consumption, we pay a price. In order to function optimally both in physical health and mental compacity, we need to lower our compulsive consumption and focus on intentional quality consumption.

The food we eat should feed not only our bodies, but also our brains. This in return feeds our focus which feeds our work value and ultimately feeds our bank account. If we also consume goods wisely than we can again focus on less “stuff” and more quality which also benefits the bank.

We are energy beings and our energy consumes and contributes to the energy of the whole. If we harbor negativity, unresolved tensions, trauma or pain, then we contribute negativity onto others to consume. We feed off of people and people feed off of us. Do you see the point of all of this?

This week, in the Mastermind Community, we will be talking about how the key to hacking a successful life is to develop an Elite awareness in regards to consumption. From viewing food as life for our brains and bodies to creativity feeding our finances and energy in order to feed our environment; the environment of people as well as the environment of plants because not ironically, we are all interdependent.


Ask yourself a couple of questions:

  1. With a poor diet, do you really feel that your brain works at it’s best for you? In return, how could your business or finances improve if you consumed better quality food?
  2. Does consuming negative media feed your energy the way you’d like? How do you in turn feed the energy of your home, business or relationships?
  3. Do the things you spend your money on fulfill you? How many work hours would you be willing to trade for the last thing that you bought on Amazon?
  4. If the stuff you throw away had to be treated in your back yard somewhere, like a small dump just for your family, would you continue to consume as much? How might you change what you buy, eat or shop
  5. How much do you feed fear within yourself and others?


Welcome to self-analyzation. Consider this task one that will benefit your business, your health and your overall quality of life.


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