Food Antigens: More than just allergies

By: Coach Britt

Food Antigens: More than just allergies

If substances were entering your body and causing systematic inflammation, substantially increasing your vulnerability to sickness and disease, would you want to know?

Have you or your clients ever reported feeling “off” but common testing and even diet aren’t identifying nor ridding the problem?

Allergy testing has been around for quite a while, but it hasn’t always been good or at least not good enough. Through high quality IgG food antigen testing, we are now able to gather another level of data on what may be causing a ruckus in an individual body. We often have relied on symptoms alone to read reactivity, hence the importance and power of a good removal protocol, but what if we could also, run a test that would give much greater data directly?

How IgG responses work: The body and gut react to certain things in certain people and when it does, we will see symptoms. In a full-blown allergy, we can see immediate reactivity or it may take a day or so. But, when it comes to sensitivities, it’s much more complex. If an individual has a very permeable gut, they will likely be reacting to multiple foods and/or the substances on them. This less obvious reactivity keeps the gut “leaky” and therefore keeps the body inflamed. And we all know what comes with inflammation right? Autoimmune disease, sickness, joint pain, mental health and overall feeling “off.”

So, were is quality food antigen testing useful?

Honestly with everyone, however, for cost purposes, I like to reserve this for the clients who are making headway with a removal protocol, nutrition, movement and are still not seeing proper results, especially those with known autoimmune conditions where inflammation is a given.

HWCA trained coaches can now access high quality labs for identifying multiple levels of food reactivity, assisting and personalizing their client services to yet another level.

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