“If your new lifestyle plan doesn’t feel like a spa vacation, then you are doing it wrong”

Welcome to WELLNESS SEASON 2024 my friends and today, us coaches and participants are chatting about a new perspective to lifestyle modification. How may times have you started a “diet” or “goal” only to fall out or to follow it for a period of time or to suffer and struggle slowly until you see results, if you make it that far?

“This happens because we don’t learn how to do ONE THING and that is “Transition” into our new world.”

This happens because we don’t learn how to do ONE THING and that is “Transition” into our new world. Yes! If you are desiring change in your wellness, it must be a “lifestyle” not a quick fix, however developing lifestyle habits that will stick, that feel good isn’t easy and most people will take what I call, the “Suffer approach.” They’ll go from binging garbage to chicken and broccoli and guess what our taste buds do? Guess what our gut bacterial likely do? And our brain? They work to sabotage us. The brain, taste buds and pathogenic bacteria have been used to high stimulation “foods” such as refined sugars, fats and salt, likely in combination. This sensory overload not only throws us of our instinctual behaviors of seeking nutrients, it also feeds gram negative gut bacteria who if you are in the majority of the population, are already overgrown. These disease causers LOVE SUGAR and refined highly processed foods because it increases their numbers and their strength.

The tough reality is that as these bugs get stronger, you get weaker. But when we feed the good bacteria, the ones that promote health and thrive on whole foods, the pathogenic bacteria throw a fit. They do this by communicating stress to the brain in the form of excessive sugar, alcohol and junk food cravings and withdrawal. This helps explain why your new years resolution may feel like torture.

So, let’s cover a concept that I like to call “transitioning into healthy habits.”

Start with clean whole foods, like your chicken and broccoli but spice them up a bit, add a little coconut oil to your veggie and some mineral heavy pink sea salt, marinate your chicken in some healthy herbs and spices and make a yummy Paleo sauce or dressing. Follow your dinner up with a Date Brownie (recipe Here). I would encourage you not to drown your food in lots of salt and fat on a regular basis, but for this time period, adding clean flavor can make healthy food feel much more indulgent and really help the process feel less restrictive.

Lastly, you’ll want to implement relaxing, therapeutic routines that you can actually pull off consistently. Start a fancy skin care routine, meditate before bed with aroma therapy, get a new blanket for your bed and a great new book. Make it cozy. This is excellent for your adrenals but also for your subconscious and may make all the difference in your consistency and quality of life.