NEW YEAR: Passion-Work-Life Balance

A woman sitting at a desk with a laptop and a cup of coffee.

A lesson in Passion-Work-Life Balance

The term “balance” is a bit of a joke. Life tends to be more like those 1990’s bouncy ball things that looked like Saturn, the ones where you hold them between your feet and attempt to jump. There is likely NO time in our lives that will feel totally in “balance.” It will be a constant state of “BALANCING” which requires focus and awareness in order to maneuver, second by second in a way that allows you to stay somewhat stable and upright. 

I am an ambitious entrepreneur however I am just as much a committed parent and partner and servant to the world. As a coach of coaches, the best advice that I could ever give is to root yourself in the intangible whilst you build your dreams and pursue your passions. Make a place for the “hustle” but never sacrifice the rest, the relationships and the moments that you’ll ruminate in on your death bed. 

With the right perspective, and a conscious map of action, dreams can be achieved and a business can accompany a fulfilling life. As coaches, we are leaders. We assist others in how to design their life, a HEALTHY LIFE which is one that provides income but also preserves time, quality of life and wellbeing. 

For the coaches out there, YOU are gifted the opportunity to work IN FULFILLMENT and as long as you stay grounded, patient and conscious, you can keep growing your practice while loving life and living in purpose. 

As the New Year settles in, I encourage you all to meditate on where you want to go as well as what you want to preserve. What will 2023 bring for you?



Coach Britt

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